112. For family

“Kiara was just telling me how grateful she was for my support.” Lucien said as he casually emptied the contents of the pan into a plate.

“Yeah right,” I rolled my eyes at him, indirectly trying to convey to Marcus that it was not true.

“What you should be grateful for is that you’re still alive,” Marcus said as he moved to my side. Wrapping his arm around my shoulder, he pulled me closer toward himself protectively. “Have you had breakfast?”

“Not yet.” I said.

“Let’s head out then.”

Nodding, I followed him before looking over my shoulder to cast Lucien one last glance. As expected, a teasing smirk was playing on his lips, making me roll my eyes.

“Did he say something to hurt you?” Marcus asked as we stepped out of the house onto the lawn. Per usual, the breakfast was already set up by the maids and they were stepping aside from the table as they saw us approaching.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.” I said. It was futile complaining to Marcus about what he’d said. It would only anger
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Diann Cannon
it's good they are good with Lucien helping them

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