118. Crushed faith

I only awoke when I felt the car come to an abrupt halt. Startled, I sat up straight at once, but the familiar surroundings instantly calmed my nerves. A sigh of relief left my mouth as my eyes landed on a huge mansion. I was finally home. Lucien opened the door to my side, and I swiftly got down. As soon as I did, my eyes found my mother who was just coming out of the house. 

Tears welled my eyes at the sight of her. How much I missed her! My legs involuntarily started making their way to her in haste, and within a second, I was in her arms. I wrapped my arms around her neck as tears ran past my cheeks, endless sobs erupting out of me. 

“Oh, my darling,” My mother said, kissing my shoulder, “I was scared to death something had happened to you!” 

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Diann Cannon
she should have told him
goodnovel comment avatar
Paola Cropper
Poor Bella! But she needs to tell Lucien

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