162. I lost that right

Marcus’ POV

I awoke in the middle of the night to find my head tangled in her head.

Given the size of the bed, we had no choice but to snuggle up against each other. Although we had done this several times in the past, it felt to me that it was the very first time I was holding her so close. It was perhaps because I’d been deprived of this feeling for so long that it was beginning to feel foreign for me.

All these days I couldn’t understand what I was feeling for her. I couldn’t explain the sudden disinterest in her, the sudden lack of emotional dependency. Suddenly, I wanted something else, something so bizarre that even my heart couldn’t accept it. In my head, I knew the strategic reasons of why I accepted to marry Audrey, but I couldn’t understand the true reason for it all myself.

If it weren’t for that day in the hospital when Kiara saved my life, I perhaps wouldn’t have realized that I still had feelings for her, that I still valued her more than what I let myself believe. Th
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So he knows he is under a spell but not doing anything about it? This is becoming stupid. I’m deleting this book

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