163. Except for one person

Marcus’ POV

I watched as Kiara threw her head back and laughed at another one of Jack’s silly jokes.

The young lad was charming and kind with a sense of humor that could ease anyone into a conversation, even reserved women like Kiara. It had been long since I saw her like that, making me even more grateful for his presence on this trip. We were currently stopped at an eatery to have breakfast, where I’d stepped away to make a phone call.

Every time my heart swelled with emotions towards her, an equally powerful force dragged me away. I had never thought such a thing would be possible where my mind wanted something but I couldn’t get it. But that was how black magic worked. It would drive people to do things that they would never even dream of doing, and they will have no power over it. I understood that part very well when my heart began to see the reality, but there was still very little I could do to prevent anything.

Every time I thought about Kiara, my mind would take me ba
Sia Brown

Hello! I hope these couple of chapters helped you understand Marcus' POV and how he's feeling about everything. When there are supernatural elements involved, the plot will sometimes take turns that might not seem reasonable, but they're fictional ploys employed to grow the character. But fear not, there will be lots of beautiful chapters in the future that I hope you will enjoy. I'll try my best to do justice to Kiara and Marcus <3 Thank you so much to everyone supporting this book and leaving behind insights and thoughts in the comments. I read all of them, and I'll eternally grateful to have such an amazing community. You make my writing process infinitely more rewarding <3 <3

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Diann Cannon
I'm so hoping Mark and Kiara work thing out on this weekend trip at least attempt to
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Sia Brown
Thank you so much Paola! Whenever I upload a new chapter, I know I’ll always find you in the comments section sharing your thoughts <3 <3 it truly means the world to me to have your support!
goodnovel comment avatar
Paola Cropper
Hey Sia I'm with you all the way and trust your process even though I do find it frustrating sometimes, but I have to say I take my hat off to all authors who can tell a story!! ;0)

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