161. There's a problem

I didn’t realize when I’d fallen asleep or how long I had been out. But when I woke up, I expected to find my head against the cold surface of the window. However, I was surprised to notice that my cheek was pressed against something warm and soft, and my nose was instantly greeted with an all too familiar scent. 

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was resting my head on Marcus’ shoulder. 

“Kiara?” His voice greeted my ears, completely waking me out of my sleep. I slightly pulled away, and when I was sure that I heard right, I sat back up straight. When I turned to look at Marcus, he was staring back at me as though he were the one who did the inappropriate thing. 

“Sorry.” I said, edging away from him.&nbs

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Sia Brown
I understand <3 Thank you so much for all your support!
goodnovel comment avatar
One would think that a potion should have worn out by now…
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Cornick
I'm going to wait to read this book until u add more than one chapter at a time. Yes I like the book but the suspense is killing me lol

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