18. Just like you

As it neared 9:30, my pulse was beginning to race. Although I knew I was in safe hands, there were still a million things that I was worried about. Before I could ask Anna about what to expect from my first full moon, she left for dinner at her parents house. I was sure that Marcus would be willing to answer any questions I had but the nature of our relationship created certain inhibitions. Because of this, I sat by my bed, clueless as always, waiting for his car to pull up outside my dorm.

My phone buzzed in my hand after a few minutes, prompting me to check the time.

It must be him, I thought.

Grabbing my bag that lay by the door, I walked out of my room, making sure I securely locked it. Nervousness was evident in my footsteps as I got closer and closer to him. My fingers tightly wrapped around the fabric of my bag as I chewed onto my lower lips in apprehension. I noticed that the air was chill, burning my nose with every breath I took.

From afar, I could make out his head from
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