23. Better than me

Asher’s POV

My mind was still disturbed when I pulled into the driveway of my parent’s house. While I spent most of my days at the house where I live with the boys, I often found myself coming back to my parents’ whenever I felt like I needed a break from school. Today was one such day. Ever since Kiara entered my life, it felt as though everything was going downhill for me.

My relationship with Leslie had been affected, and she was now more insecure about herself than ever before. She had always been possessive about me and constantly demanded my attention, but lately, her obsession was off the charts. Unlike Kiara, Leslie knew exactly what it meant to be somebody’s mate, hence why she completely understood and felt threatened by my unavoidable interest in what was happening in Kiara’s life.

Tyler had reminded me time and again that since I rejected her, I essentially had no say in how she decides to cope with things, but somehow, I wasn’t able to wrap my mind around it. I just co
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Fantastic story. Is it still actively being updated?

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