22. Mark my words

Having caught no sleep the entire night, my eyelids felt heavy, but sleep still evaded me. When a beam of light escaped through my blinds, I realized that it was breaking into a dawn and I might as well start getting ready for school.

After an hour or so, I found myself walking towards my school building, not failing to notice the empty parking lot. I couldn’t spot his car in it, but again, he could’ve also parked it in the basement. Trying to ignore the potential disappointment in my mind, I made my way to his office anyway, sincerely hoping that he had come.

True to my fear, he didn’t. I sighed at the sight of his empty office, not even a thing out of place. The man surely knew how to stay organized. Maybe I could come back during lunch, I thought, and made my way to my first class which was chemistry.

I shared this class with Leslie, and the reminder made me groan. I was not ready to face her today. I was already running on a low battery, picking a fight with her was not on my l
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Rhonda Rewerts
Well it’s good so far! But how do you let people put books on here and never are they finished?! This is the 3rd book I’ve come across like this!

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