7. A pair of blue eyes

Marcus’ POV

With my palm pressing against the cold tile of my bathroom, I lost track of how long I was standing in front of the shower head. Endless streams of water dribbled down my spine as I lay there, reminiscing about yesterday. I struggled to understand the significance of that encounter.

I had just finished speaking to the authorities and was returning to my car when I heard someone sobbing. Curious, I went to see if they needed help. I could see a girl sitting by the tree, but I couldn’t see her face. I only noticed her arm was bruised and wanted to know if she needed my help. Little did I know she would be the only thing running through my mind all night. I never felt a connection so strong before. And I didn’t even know who she was.

Exhaling deeply, I turned off the tap and stepped out of the shower. A glance towards the basin compelled me to focus on the small charm resting on it. It was a delicate gold bracelet I had stumbled upon near the tree just yesterday as I was about
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Cheryl Williams
I am going to like this story...
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Great stuff to watch
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Great story. Enjoyed it

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