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Felicia Eviana, a girl with a sweet face and a smart mind, must experience the feeling of being put down by junior level. Only because they know she is one year older than them but still taking the same courses. “Her ID Card is old but how come she's still taking this course? It must be stupid until she repeat it.” It was a sentence she often heard and she was lazy to explain, let alone respond. Jayden Jordan, a handsome man in Felicia's class, they even joined the same thesis project team. The man who had been watching Felicia from afar. Shitty but smart man. Ansel Bastian, ex-boyfriend of Felicia who is now a laboratory assistant at the campus laboratory since graduating. For the sake of being able to continue to see his ex and hope to get back together again as before. Harumi Haida, a student with glasses and nothing special. Join the thesis project with Jayden and Felicia. The type who wants to immediately graduate and complete research ahead of her teammates. Selfish and cunning. How is the story of Felicia spending her final semester on campus after returning from leave? Was her relationship with Jayden just a partner or something more? Also, will she return to Ansel who she secretly loves?

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good stroy,
2020-10-26 14:30:26
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Meihao de Xiwang
I Like your story.....
2020-10-22 08:46:21
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Psychopath Tender
This is amazing ? I can't stop reading this book, omg ?❤
2020-10-21 17:36:48
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The opening is cool. I enjoy. Recommendations for you
2020-09-16 08:42:16
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Hi, there! Ur book is pretty enough. Just keep going ?
2020-09-07 23:41:28
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Miss Cherrii
good one author, i love it, keep going
2020-09-07 20:14:50
168 Chapters
Final year on campus ….Finally Felicia returned to finish her studies. After taking one semester off, aka half a year for the second time because she had to collect rupiah coffers to pay her semester arrears.Old student?A perpetual student?The stupid college student?Felicia often heard the whispers around her. Especially when the lecturer mentioned her name during the very first absence, even though the alphabet of her name was not from A. Make everyone know she is older than the students in that class.Shame? Not. Prestige? Not. After all, they will not pay the semester arrears. In order to finish college and get a degree, Felicia put all the insults aside. It doesn't really matter to her. Beside, it's all not true. Especially about stupid female students, they don't even know that her GPA is above 3.5. Something that could shut those nosy mouths.Somehow the new students who were younger than her didn't show any
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Felicia pays attention to the campus building which has four floors plus one more specialized laboratory and research building. This is one of the private campuses majoring in pharmacy in Jakarta, Indonesia.After taking a second leave, Felicia was finally able to pay the arrears to continue her final semester. Even though at the end of this semester she still had to take several courses that she had not taken before. In fact, as long as she doesn't leave, the girl always takes a lot of courses in installments so that when on leave she doesn't miss too much.In fact, there are still courses that Felicia must take in the eighth semester. In addition to the proposal seminar session, research and thesis. The final semester should be more relaxed
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Indeed, after Felicia left again, she never once had a relationship with Jayden. Their relationship is only as campus friends and never met oUjian Tengah Semesteride of campus. So it was clear that Jayden greeted her like that.Felicia stared at the open classroom door in front of her, right where Jayden was standing. "We're in the same class? Again?" guess the girl wasn't sure. Really coincidence? Or is it something on purpose? Even though she was deliberately on time to fill in the KRS so that she could get a lecturer who was often late arriving to class but always sent her students home early. Of course for the smooth running of her work. Jayden shrugged his shoulders. "I think so. Why? No need to be happy," he said pretentiously. Ev
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Busy.That one word was enough to leave a feeling of tightness in Felicia's chest. One word was the reason Ansel left her. Because she is busy working part time and catching up on her subjects. She thought Ansel could understand at that moment, but he didn't. Moreover, they are rarely in the same class. It made Ansel not have time with Felicia even more."Oh, you're right. I don't understand. I focus on college anyway. The usual. Old semester." Felicia tried to relax even though Ansel's gaze was still intimidating. For some reason Felicia felt so guilty about that man even though Ansel was the one who broke their relationship first, but it feels like she betrayed him first.
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"Felice," called Mrs. Dinda because she felt the students were unfocused. "Are you ready with the title?"Felicia even glanced at Jayden who again only shrugged his shoulders."You're part of the subacute rat toxicity test. And liver histopathology," said Mrs. Dinda again. Fortunately she is the type of lecturer who is patient although sometimes also firm."Ah, yes, ma'am. I'm ready," Felicia replied confidently. Then the girl thought again. Rats? What?Jayden just shook his head where he saw Felicia, who looked busy alone.
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After working at the cafe, Felicia returned to her house by taking a Transjakarta bus, which happened to be the stop there from the Matching Point cafe. The cafe where she works after every class.Felicia immediately got into the bus which was taking her home. It is quite far from the bus stop to her house, about half and four miles. But this transportation is the cheapest. So that she can save money.About thirty minutes later, Felicia arrived at the bus stop closest to her house. She got down from there and came out after tapping the card on the automatic door. His long legs took a leisurely stroll down the main road then into an alley. Not far from the alley entrance, on the right there is a small gate inside which a small building stands
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Jayden stared out his bedroom window, resting his chin. In front of him, the laptop is still open and lit, displaying a row of journals that he downloaded to complete his research proposal material. His head started to feel dizzy because he was still awake until this early morning. But he was reluctant to rest. In his head, Felicia's sweet face and all the stubbornness of the girl, let alone the madness she was so blatantly showing him, made Jayden smile to himself. The girl who caught his attention since the beginning of the semester. When he saw her in the garden reading a book alone. At that time Felicia looked left out from the others. But in the following semester, he did not see the girl's figure again. From the news she heard, Felicia took semester off. Even though they were in the same class, even though as he
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About fifteen minutes away by Transjakarta bus, they arrived right in front of the campus main door which is indeed integrated with the bus stop. As one of the facilities to facilitate student travel here."It's cool to get on the bus," said Jayden again as he got off the bus and headed for the campus gate."Don't be tacky!""Please understand, I usually take an angkot.""Whatever! I didn't ask!" Felicia got annoyed by herself hearing the random and unnecessary sentences that Jayden said. She hopes that in the library the man's mouth will suddenly not open rather than bother he
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Felicia stretched out her hand as soon as she finished copying the material to her laptop and some that she hadn't summarized, she took a photo on her cellphone. So that she doesn't have to go back and forth to the library again. Moreover, the opportunity to go to the library with a lot of time is only on weekends. The girl also glanced at Jayden's work which was summarizing the journals the man had printed."Are you done?" asked Felicia as she closed her laptop.Jayden even muttered indistinctly, with his hair disheveled, the man stuffed all his pile of journals into the file bag he was carrying. This man is quite diligent and tenacious, he even has a special bag for data which he will use later during research and thesis. Nothing wrong with
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Felicia was just about to enter Pharmacy management class when she saw Jayden's figure who was gathered with female students and some students behind were cool chatting about something she didn't understand. That man was very easy to get along with anyone. Unlike her, who withdrew more often than tried to blend in. Felicia was just tired of pretending they liked her as a chat. Even though they like to talk about her from behind. Of course she knows and has ears that are still working properly. Although only a whisper, but she often heard people talking about her. Especially about the lecture.Instead of having hot ears or running out of patience clarifying the real situation, it felt like a waste of time. After all, telling other people about your good side is the most tiring thing, let alone telling people who clearly hate
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