We are Getting Closer

Gabriel’s POV

“What did you say?” Nick was the first one to respond.

I was frozen.

He sat next to me and looked at his mom, pizza long forgotten.

“I said her name is Aria,” she said looking confused. “What is going on boys?”

Nick looked at me with a bright smile on his face. “Do you think it’s her?”

“Do you know this girl?” his mom asked, looking at us.

“What does she look like?” I finally managed to ask.

“She is very pretty. Short, small. She has brown hair and green eyes,” she said.

“Oh, fuck it is her!” Nick yelled.

I was frozen, my heart beating in my chest. She was here.

“When was this mom?” Nick asked.

“I’m not telling you anything more until you tell me what is going on. Gabriel looks like he is going to pass out,” she said, frowning.

Nick elbowed me. “Tell her.”

“I don’t know who she is,” I sighed. “I saw her a couple of days ago in front of my hair salon and I felt this connection to her. She ran away before I could speak to her. And it has been bugging me since. I feel somet
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