Gabriel’s POV

It’s been a few days since the battle.

Patricia, Mike, and Jack went to Victor’s headquarters to end the inquisition. They should come back in a few days. Mike had been keeping me updated. Patricia didn’t try to take Victor’s position. For now. They were shutting his whole operation down. It wasn’t going as smoothly as we had hoped it would, but they were making progress. They were having trouble with some of Victor’s most loyal followers. They didn’t believe he was dead, and they wanted to continue with the inquisition.

I trusted that Mike, Jack, and Patricia would be able to deal with them.

The rest of us were packing to go home tomorrow. We stayed so Aria could take care of Zack. And she did an amazing job. Zack was up on his feet, and he was doing well. He got tired easily and he still spends most of his time in bed, but his wound healed miraculously well, and his fever was completely gone.

Things around here were a little bit tense.

There was something going on betw
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