Going Back

Gabriel’s POV

“What happens now?” Annie asked while we were eating.

I raised my head to look at her. “Now we go home.”

I took Aria’s hand in mine. We will finally be at peace. We will finally be able to live like a normal family.

“It seems surreal,” Aria mumbled, looking down at her plate.

“What does?” I asked her.

She put down her fork and looked up at me. “Everything. Are we sure that this is over? It sounds too good to be true. What about the prophecy? What about his threat?”

“He is dead, baby,” Nick spoke before I could. “He is gone forever and this whole story is over. Not all prophecies come true.”

She sighed and looked back down at her plate. “I guess.”

I placed my hand on her back and rubbed small circles soothingly. “Don’t worry, love. It is over.”

She looked up at me and gave me a small smile. She didn’t look convinced. I sighed internally. I would make sure she felt safe. I would make sure she believed that this was over.

Because it was.

It had to be.

Nick watched him burn
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