Nick’s POV

I watched Gabriel walking away with my mate in his arms.

My heart clenched painfully.

I wanted to go with her. I needed to go with her. She was hurt and I was supposed to be with her.

But I couldn’t.

I had to make sure the fucker was dead. I had to stay behind and watch his body turn to ash.

What he said about the prophecy not being fulfilled made my stomach twist. I had to make sure that he was gone.

I watched my mate until I couldn’t see her anymore.

I sighed and turned back around. Mike was standing next to me, his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at the fire. Patricia was on the other side. Her eyes were filled with tears.

I glanced around the field. Someone was missing.



She took Cora’s power. She has so much dark magic right now. She could be dangerous.

My eyes darted around the field. I couldn’t find her anywhere.

We were so focused on Victor, that we completely forgot about her.

“Where the fuck is Petra?” I growled.

“Gone,” Patricia mumbled.

I looked
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