My bullies, My Step Brothers, My Mates?

My bullies, My Step Brothers, My Mates?

By:  Christine Black   Completed
Language: English
6 ratings
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Since her father passed away ten years ago, Lexi Mitchell has lived a simple life with her mother. As Lexi's 18th birthday approached, her mother told her that she planned to remarry. Lexi readily supported her decision and was happy for her mother, Jessica. Weeks later, Lexi moved to a new pack with her mother, and besides her stepfather, Lexi met two familiar faces, Nolan and Nathaniel. The two bad-boy brothers who used to bully Lexi in school turned out to be her stepbrothers.

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17 chapters in and I’m enjoying it. It could do with some editing but otherwise I have an enjoyable reading experience. Good work, author!
2024-07-07 09:26:59
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Christy Parr
really good but what is it are some of her part made of gold
2024-06-30 13:11:32
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Delinda Schumacher
95 chapters 5-11-24
2024-05-11 21:39:03
default avatar
Good slash duh
2024-05-02 09:17:24
user avatar
Shannon Featherstone
when does it get updated?
2024-05-01 20:40:17
user avatar
I like it !
2024-06-12 07:22:07
99 Chapters
Chapter 1 Prologue
Lexi Mitchell’s povThe first day of spring break I was free from school for an entire week. Stretching in my bed I smiled seeing the sun shining through the window in my small room.My 18th birthday was just a couple of months away. I was debating on whether to stay with my mom or leave the pack and bullying behind me.Living with my mom in a trailer on our pack's land was delightful and much better than the crowded pack house. I wasn't bullied by my classmates here and it helped with my sanity. It wasn't my fault that I excelled in my classes and had a 4.0 average.I wasn't interested in flirting or sleeping around with the other pack boys, not that I was innocent. I had already been intimate with an old boyfriend I had in my freshman year but he dumped me soon after finding his actual mate. At eighteen we would be able to find our mates and that was exactly what had happened to Marcus. It was heartbreaking for me so I kept myself away from the opposite sex.Since then it has been
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Chapter 2
Lexi Mitchell’s pov Weeks Later My butt and back were hurting from sitting in the passenger seat of my mom's car.After shopping for entire new wardrobes my mom had them shipped to our new address.We locked up the trailer and said farewell to the pack members as we began our travel. Relief flooded me at seeing the students for the very last time. I vowed to myself that I would prosper in the new environment. My wolf, Nova, was cheering for me as well and was yipping excitedly in my subconscious.Having driven from our pack lands in Maine to Oregon with hardly any stops in between I was cramped. Once we reached the state line I eyed my mother.“Can we please stop so I can stretch out my legs,” I begged my mom.“Yeah, we can and I will call Johnathan and inform him of our progress. I will stop at the gas station for more fuel,” she replied and I thanked her profusely.My mother was overly excited about getting to this Johnathan and she was currently programming her GPS for his home a
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Chapter 3
Lexi's pov“YOU?!” They both proclaimed in blatant disgust. I wasn't pleased either but ignored them both as Lilly shooed them from my room by waving the feather duster at them and closed both doors.Clenching my fists, my jaw twitched as I turned to the housekeeper.“Sorry Miss, those two can be obnoxious and rude,” she commented.Nodding, I told her that I was very much aware.Lilly continued strolling through my room and pointed out the ensuite along with the door to my closet.“The Alpha had all your clothes pressed and hung for you when they arrived in boxes. All your bathing necessities are in the cabinet in the facilities. Dinner is at six each day and you are expected to be dressed appropriately. The Alpha is a stickler for promptness and etiquette,” she muttered and I raised my blonde brow.“So no elbows on the table and make sure to use the correct fork, that's what you are implying,” I asked in humor.Nodding briskly she told me, “ Oh yes, dear, you don't want to get on th
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Chapter  4
Lexi's pov“Look brother little Alexandria is that nerd, Lexi,” Nathan snarled. My heart was racing and my throat became dry again.“Leave my room. You both shouldn't be in here,” I protested as they eyed me with insensitivity. Turning toward the door I was going to leave but Nolan swung me around and pinned me against it instead.Running his finger down my neck, his lip curled.“Tell me Lexi, why didn't you tell your mom and my father that you were acquainted with us both and asked us to meet for a hook-up?”Looking up at his light brown eyes I shook my head.“I didn't want to hook up with either of you. It was for Rose. It's not my fault you both are man whores and screw anything that shows interest,” I asserted, causing Nathan to shove my shoulder into the molding of my doors. It hurt but I was seething from their accusations.“What if I told your father how his sons are just a couple of insensitive boy sluts that fuck and dump girls just for the fun of it,” I added with a hiss of
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Chapter 5
Lexi's povI spent the school morning with Mini and found her companionship refreshing. I also noticed that Sloan and I were in all of the same classes as well and the three of us were on our way to lunch when the shit hit the fan.Sitting at the table with my new friends Nathan came into the lunch room and spied me laughing with the Beta's son. Hearing growls coming from across the room I glanced up to see Nathan storming toward us with his fists clenched. When he grabbed Sloan by his shirt and jerked him to his feet I scrambled up and wedged myself between the pair.“What is wrong with you,” I snapped and glared at him seething with anger.He was panting heavily and stepped back releasing his hold on Sloan.“You will know exactly what is wrong once your birthday comes, little step-sister,” he snarled in response and I looked at him like he had gone rabid.“Well it's not for two months so back off me and my friends,” I warned and the entire room grew quiet. Glaring at me with his s
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Chapter 6
Lexi's povThe cloud of dust from them skidding to a stop billowed around me causing me to cough and sputter. My still damp hair, skin, and clothes were like a magnet to the dust and clung onto me.Wiping my eyes I heard Nathan who stopped the vehicle right beside me start berating me.“You smell like that bastard Lexi, were you off fucking the Beta’s nerd son?!’’“No, I'm not a whore like you,” I spat.Nolan had gotten out of the passenger side and handed me his shirt he had removed.“Use it to clean yourself,” he said firmly.Glancing at his tan, firm chest I thanked him as I used it to wipe off the dust covering my face.“You skipped Physics class but I covered for you,” he mumbled softly, bringing my eyes up to him.“Thank you, Nolan. I was just with Mini,” I explained and Nolan grinned.“You were with Sloan as well, I can smell them both on you,” he sighed and then hugged me.“What are you doing,” I muttered.“Hiding their scent, silly. Our dad’s senses are stronger than ours,” h
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Chapter 7
Lexi's povWaking up before Lilly invaded my domain I wiped the drool from my chin and sat up.Raising my hand to my hair I cringed.“I slept with damp air and have a rat nest on my head,” I groaned and hurried to take another shower.Drying off I heard Lilly calling out for me.“I'm just getting out of the shower,” I called back and heard her say, “Okay, miss.”Blow drying my hair I made a mental note of what I was going to wear. Once I finished I ran my naked self to my dresser to grab my panties and bra then headed to my closet. Choosing a pair of denim jeans and a plain t-shirt I dressed quickly and rushed down to the kitchen.Seeing the room empty I frowned but wasn't concerned. I often didn't have my mom home to greet me so it was nothing new. I just grabbed an apple from the bowl on the counter.Munching on the apple I tilted my head hearing laughter heading into the kitchen and raised my brow watching Nathan with that Courtney chick coming in.Nathan glared at me, turned her
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Chapter 8
Lexi's povOnce I opened the front door my mom was standing there grinning at me.“Johnathan is taking me to Vegas to get married tomorrow,” she exclaimed in excitement.“So you're going to be gone this entire weekend,” I asked her with less enthusiasm.She hugged me tightly and said, “ It will give you the chance to get closer to your new step-brothers.”Rolling my eyes I sighed.“Fantastic, Mom. I hope you have a great weekend.”“Oh, we will have a great month. We're going on our honeymoon afterward in Barbados for a month,” Johnathan stated and I swallowed uncomfortably.“Sounds good. I'm sure you both will have a fantastic time,” I answered seeing Nolan making faces at me behind his dad.Johnathan turned around and told us both to get presentable for our guests and I glanced at my mom in protest but she just nodded.“Wear the cocktail dress,” she said softly and I balked.“But mom!”“Don't argue with me Alexandria and do as you're told,” she asserted and I eyed her oddly.She had
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Chapter 9
Lexi's povNolan intercepted me and handed me a glass.“Drink this,” he offered.Furrowing my brow at him I tipped the glass and swallowed the contents then hissed from the burn.“What was that,” I sputtered as he laughed.“A hundred and twenty proof Moonshine,” he chuckled and I sneered.“I don't want to get wasted!”Still grinning at me he took the empty glass from my hand and placed it on a tray of a passing waiter.“Let's dance, Lexi,” he offered, lifting his hand out to me.Feeling the alcohol already dulling my senses my lip curled as I gave him my hand.“You did that on purpose,” I accused him.Pulling me against himself as he swayed he grinned.“What do you mean?”“Getting me buzzed,” I muttered.Instead of denying it it twirled me around and pulled me closer still.“I only meant to help you loosen up,” he smiled, causing my eyes to narrow.Feeling his fingers splayed out on my lower bare right hip I growled low as I pushed him away.“I'm going to find Sloan, he is not my step
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Chapter 10
Lexi's povThrowing on a t-shirt and nothing else I pressed my ear against the door to listen. Sloan did the same minus putting on a shirt.“I was looking for her and thought this was the first place I would check,” Nolan replied.“My mate better not be off screwing the Beta's son,” Nathan announced and I gasped. Panicked Sloan put his hand over my mouth and put his index finger to his lips.“Don't be a hypocrite brother I'm certain Courtney is spread out on your bed,” Nolan growled sourly.Chuckling Nathan said, “I have needs, and besides she is going to be your birthday gift in a couple of weeks.”Nolan grunted, “Yeah I get your used-up seconds.”Hearing shuffling feet it sounded like Nathan must have patted his brother's back. His next words burned me to my core.“I will be Alpha since I have found my mate first, don't be sour. You will find out yours on your eighteenth birthday just like Lexi will know that I am her mate on hers.”Shaking off Sloan’s hand covering my mouth I frown
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