Nerdy To Badass Werewolf

Nerdy To Badass Werewolf

By:  Amb3rmart1ns  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book 1, 2 and 3 of Rejection Series. This book contains all three books combined;Skylar Maine was always bullied in her school for being a nerd. But she dealt with it. Always keeping her head down. Never fighting back. Now that her brothers are the new Betas they must all leave and visit the Ancient Wolves. Skylar couldn't be happier. After her Alpha Mate rejected her, she wanted nothing more than to leave. Heck, she didn't even want a mate from the start. Knowing the outcome already. But when she returns, will she be the same? Will she let people walk all over her again? Side note, this book is composed of all three of the Rejected Series books. Hope you enjoy!

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Nerdy To Badass Werewolf series, this one is a different story that centers on an entire family. Skylar is a nerd who is always bullied by her classmates at school, but she never fights back. When she knows that she will leave this sad place, she feels very happy, and she doesn't want to find a partner. When she comes back one day, will she still be the same as before? I think she's going to be tough.What is the name of the next book? This can't be the end of the story right? This can't be the end of the story right? Let's move on to the next novel.

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Miss M
It has been close to 2.5 years since the last time the story was updated! !
2023-02-15 08:17:14
user avatar
Good story, to bad the third oart was left incomplete since last year
2022-10-06 15:21:11
user avatar
Talisha B
absolutely love this book
2022-07-23 05:54:10
user avatar
Deborah Savoia-Pearl
Is this going to be updated more or has it been abandoned?
2022-05-20 06:48:47
default avatar
When was the last time this boom was updated? Just asking before I start? I don’t want to begin reading if it’s been abandoned cause the plot sounds really good.
2022-01-15 12:45:27
default avatar
Good story
2021-11-22 02:09:17
user avatar
I think this book has potential to be a good read and I love Sky and Kyleb
2021-09-22 12:23:52
user avatar
Barbara Stevens
the best read
2021-08-13 14:24:39
user avatar
Denette Gibson
I do like this book but I have to delete do too no updates in a long time.
2021-05-28 02:16:30
user avatar
Teresa Cruse
Hope you did well on your finals.
2021-05-24 23:06:41
user avatar
Debbie Kershaw
Amazing story. Didn’t like that Payton died though. Can’t wait for the updates.
2021-05-24 14:02:49
user avatar
Teresa Cruse
more please
2021-05-22 05:14:50
user avatar
Denette Gibson
Need up date it been to long.
2021-05-13 06:19:08
user avatar
Tiffany Wartenbe D
This book was hard to put down. I thoroughly enjoy reading this. Can't wait for more.
2021-05-12 05:02:19
user avatar
Franceliza Cookie Sayson
exciting events! love it!
2021-05-02 14:04:07
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95 Chapters
Chapter 1
Hey new person! So first off thanks for taking an interest in my book. I just wanted to warn you that this is my first book so of course the first couple chapter are really bad but I promise it gets much better, and I am busy editing it at the moment. Okay bye hope you enjoy!!!! Side note, this book is comprised of all three books in the series. Hope you enjoy!________________________________________Edited________________________________________"Happy birthday Skylar! Wake up right now!" I heard my brother Cole yell in my ear. I groaned and covered my head with my pillow, trying to block them out."Go away! I'm trying to sleep here!" I yelled through the pillow, though I'm sure it came out muffled."Well, if you don't get up right now we'll have to force you too. Are you sure you want that?" I hear Will, the oldest of the triplets ask me teasingly. Instead of answering him, I turned my head in the other direction."Alright Skylar. You leave us with no choice then." Liam, the younge
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Chapter 2
Edited________________________________________Once I was by the courtyard, I ducked my head and began making my way to the front of the school. My family wasn't so aware of what happened when they dropped me off here. I couldn't tell them though. I need to just deal with it by myself. Well, it's not like I'm alone in this place.As I was about to walk up the front steps I heard someone call my name. I stopped and looked around me, searching for the person. I knew who it was, considering only two people in this school called me by my actual name.Dylan.We've been friends ever since we started high school. I still remember when we first met, I was eating lunch and him being the weirdo that he is, decided to try and steal my lunch. I may have punched him in the face, causing him to tackle me to the ground, ending with us both having detention. Having detention with him was interes
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Chapter 3
Edited_________________________________________No! No! No! No!This cannot be happening. I can't find my mate now. I'm leaving today. I won't see him for a year. And what if he rejects me? I can't be here for that, I just can't.After my wolf had said the actual word, I mentally started panicking. I kept thinking of so many different scenarios and none of them ended well. My hands began to sweat and I started hyperventilating.My wolf on the other hand was howling for joy, calling out to her mate over and over again. I knew that she wanted me to go follow the scent, and by the way it kept growing stronger, I knew that he'd be here any minute now. I didn't stick around to find out who I was destined to be with, I shoved my chair back and ran out the back door of the class.I wasn't ready for this. I didn't want a mate.My wolf kept how
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Chapter 4
Edited_________________________________________Kyle POVWaking up this morning, my wolf was very excited. He continuously kept running around, smiling and just looking happy. It was odd for him though. He wasn't the type of wolf to be 'giddy', he was always calm and collected, not really taking interest in my life unless it came to pack issues. I had asked him numerous times why he was suddenly being like this, but he'd just ignore me, going on with jumping around. I eventually gave up, shrugging.I grabbed my school bag, lugging it over my shoulder before making my way downstairs. Walking into the kitchen, I saw my father sitting at the kitchen table, reading through a few files while drinking coffee. Mom was drinking her coffee, leaning against the kitchen counter. She smiled when she saw me."Good morning sweetheart." I smiled, sitting down
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Chapter 5
Edited________________________________________Finally we had made it to the airport, I swear my parents were getting lost on purpose. Not sure for the reason but I don't want to dwell on that. Climbing out of the car, I went to the trunk and grabbed my bags. I pulled it out before setting it on the floor. Thank goodness for roller bags.Once everyone had their things we walked to the entrance of the airport, walking through the doors people all around were walking quickly, some even running while others casually sat around. Not wasting anytime we made our way to the booth to get our tickets. As we stood there I couldn't ignore the fact that my heart still felt like breaking and that I wanted to cry a river of tears. But I had to be strong right now, I couldn't let anyone see my pain, especially my brothers.As we stood in line I felt my tummy rumble. I told my parents that I was gonna
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Chapter 6
Edited----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Slowly my eyes fluttered open before quickly shutting closed due to the
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Chapter 7
Edited----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kyle's POV (1 Year Later)
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Chapter 8
Edited---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One year.
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Chapter 9
Edited___________________________________________________________________"Home, sweet home!" I cheered happily, not caring if the entire world had just heard me. Walking into the foyer I immediately dropped my bags, having missed our old house. It all looked the same as we left it.
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Chapter 10
Read more Protection Status