Next-Door Love Affair

Next-Door Love Affair

By:  Minchin  Ongoing
Language: English
4 ratings
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It has been said that romance can happen anytime, anywhere with the right person meant for you. Who would have thought that all this time, your destined person is just next-door? What happens when two stubborn hot-heads collide? An exchange of rated XXX letters and a whole lot of chaos!

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Teresa Flores
hi, someone know if this story have a ending?
2022-05-27 08:42:33
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rod bialba
I love it!!! when's the next update please???????!!!!
2020-12-19 22:50:04
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Amar Ragoobar
excellent beginning
2020-12-05 20:46:41
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Esther Adebusola
This book is addictive. Can't wait to see what really happened with Lev
2020-12-04 19:26:26
28 Chapters
Nobody knows how much Lev is willing to pay just to have his peace back. The thing is, he also knows to himself that the peace and quiet that he wanted have become something priceless the moment his new neighbor moved in. Loud music on speaker, shouting on the phone-name it. It seems like that his new neighbor knows everything except for silence. And what could be the worst thing that can come from next door? Sex! Loud moans and all the other sexual sounds! Bed creaking, loud begging, ragged voices and heavy breathing, moans and moans and moans! One thing's left for sure... this has to end! --------- [From Room 412] TO WHOM IT MA
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“France Nam? Of course, I know him! He’s the one who’s been cancelled because he molested a newbie actress!” “I really liked him then, such shame! There’s also a rumor that
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“I’m really sorry, Lev. I love you but it’s our future that we’re talking about here. I’m still chasing my dreams and you don’t seem to care about your own stability. I love you. You know that. It’s just that we really can’t get married when we’re both like this…” 
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Okay, in all honesty, France doesn’t know what to expect. He’s been into this kind of meet-ups before but it’s always for business—technically this is somehow business-like too but not entirely. Plus, he’s been with people, like his manager, when this happens. His whole situation now still falls to the fact that this is the first time he will meet someone in broad daylight alone, because in all honesty part two, he has never gone out with anybody before. 
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Lev sighs and removes his glasses. He needs to smoke but dwells on it, now’s not a perfect time. All this information that he acquired and every one of them is frustrating him in the worst way possible.
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“That’s why I’m telling you to learn to do your chores and while you’re at it, learn to organize your things you know where you put your things!” France coughs and all he could r
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[From Room 411] Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me. If you have already decided about what you want in return, don't hesitate to tell me. Thank you for finding my glasses and charger, too. If it's money though, you'll have to contact my manager because my accounts are being handled by him as of the moment and I don't have much cash. About the groceries, please give me the receipt so I can pay for that. PS. I told you, I can kiss you if you're too shy to initiate it again. --------- “Am I not beautiful enough?” 
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“Here are the files you asked for, Sir Lev.” Lev grins at Devika, his company’s ever reliable and capable acting president. “Come on, pres, I know you want to ask me about it.” For the past two days, he’s been asking for Devika’s help to get him the information that he needed and, of course, all of it has something to do with actor and model France Nam. Aside from the first conversation they had about the actor, Devika hasn’t really asked him about anything that he’s been up to. For a few days that he took care of France because of his flu, he i
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[From Room 411] URGENT I'm really uncomfortable having to owe someone. Tell me what you want or need in return for taking care of me so I can give it to you. If you haven't really decided, should I just pay you? Is *toot* dollars enough? * * * * * * * * * * [From Room 412] 
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Out of all the things that could happen—waking up late is the worst thing for France today. He has an early appointment and based on the time on his phone, he’s already going to be late if he doesn’t get ready now! 
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