Chapter 14

I am in my dad’s office reading and secretly listening while he is in a conference call with the Alpha. The Beta is also on the call but is still in West Virginia. He has been visiting with another pack, discussing the upcoming prom. My dad has to be included in on important calls like this one, since he will be running security.

Since we have the largest pack territory in Ohio, we use our prom every year to host the annual mating ball as well. This is a great chance for surrounding packs to get together and allow unmated wolves of age to possibly find their mate. The Alpha’s and Beta's use it as a meeting opportunity and an excuse to drink and have cigars.

“Oops!” Mom says sarcastically while walking into the office. She is apparently on her phone with Luna Amara.

Colin's mom is getting ready with her phone on speaker while my mom is talking to her. She was explaining that it will just be the two of us shopping tomorrow right as Amara was walking past Alpha Lawrence's office.
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