Chapter 19

The moment I step back into the party Amber and Heather come running at me.

“Where have you been girl, flip cup just started!” Amber grabs my wrists and then stares at me like she can see into my soul. She sniffs the air and looks slightly confused. She looks down slowly almost like she figured out who the killer in the movie was before anyone else.

“OH, MY GODDESS ELLIE YOUR NECK!!!!!! My hand flings to her mouth and I try to shush her as much as possible.

“Wow, should we call you Luna now?” Heather cracks herself up and is holding her stomach from laughing so hard. How does she know it’s from Colin?

“That actually sounds amazing Ellie, you, my Luna.” The voice is smooth and laced with affection.

Wait, that was Colin’s voice but it wasn’t out loud and from the looks of the girls they didn’t hear it.

“We’re mated fully and marked Ellie. We can mind link now remember.” My head snaps around to the entrance of the corn field to see him walking with a huge grin plastered
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goodnovel comment avatar
Seriously he is still in love with victoria acting like that. And they are hiding theor marks. Im done
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
Ellie, you can't have any doubts at this point. He broke up with Victoria, he took the time to confirm he wanted you, he told you he saved himself for his mate as well and that he is falling in love with you. Go with it.

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