Chapter 20

“Luke, I was going to tell you.” I pull the hoodie back over my neck like that would suddenly reverse the last thirty seconds and he wouldn't have seen it. Obviously, that didn't work.

“It’s fine Ellie, you’re his mate anyway right? Who am I to get upset? I’m just your friend with benefits. Well, when it benefits you.” His words are harsh but true and laced with sadness.

I can tell his heart is broken. I search his eyes for any sign that we can get past this and all I see is hurt. I try to grab his arm but he moves it away before I can even touch it.

“I need to get going, my dad should be coming back sometime tomorrow and we have important meetings all day. Goodnight Elenor I’m happy for you, really.”

There is literally nothing I can do or say at this moment so I just watch him leave. Really hoping that tonight isn’t the end of our friendship. I see the girls are about to come to me and I wave them off.

“I’ll find you guys in a little while; I just need space.” They know
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