Chapter Forty-Five:

| Kendra |

The goodbye party turned celebratory victory lasted for another three and a half hours as everyone continued drinking and helping themselves to various refreshments. Hollis, Whitney, and Kendra had been the first to depart. It’d been an exhausting day, and a very drunk Hollis in particular was begging Kendra to make her famous no-bake strawberry cheesecake non-stop.

No, really. Non. Fucking. STOP. The whole time they were making their rounds before leaving, and even in the Uber on the way back to her town home. Drunk and with no plans to relent, Kendra and Whitney both had to sit there and listen to her plead over and over for the tasty, fluffy treat as she made herself comfortable against the smallest girl’s shoulder.

Just like always, whiny Hollis got her own way and was groaning with gratitude from where she was draped across Kendra and Whitney’s couch an hour later.

“Thank you, Ken Dollllll.&rdq

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