Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

By:  Oohlasophie  Completed
Language: English
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Book two. Please read "Not All That Glitters" before "Not All Who Wander Are Lost."Christmas 2019 in Auburn brought with it a chance for new beginnings. Complicated relationships started to mend and different recoveries were being made. As far as Whitney York and Hollis Bogard were concerned, they knew every hardship they'd face from that point on would be easier since they had each other for support.Fast forward to May, five months later. While making the last minute preparations for she and Whitney's Christmas gift to New York for a week, Hollis gets some disheartening news. If that weren't bad enough, patching things up with her parents was turning out to be a long, winding road. Dalton's prolonged, stressful testimonies to ensure he gets more than a cash settlement from the wealthy prick who put him in a wheelchair after driving drunk is the last straw. As Hollis starts wrestling with her inner demons again, slipping downward is inevitable. Will she confide in Whitney, or risk relapsing?Since disowning her, Whitney stopped hearing from her perfect family altogether. While the lovers are wrapping up in New York, she suddenly comes face to face with Hollywood's latest headliner;Theresa, her famous sister, has died. Urged to attend the funeral, Whitney makes it clear she won't go without Hollis, the very person her parents blame for staying in Maine.Buckle in! Disclaimer: Strong mature content, graphic scenes, drug usage. 18+, please. This novel won’t be for you if you’re not comfortable with any of the above topics.2020 All Rights Reserved (you know how it goes) Please don't attempt to steal any part of my work.

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Mirahbel Midekie
have you started the,,,not all who dream are sleeping?,,I don't seem to find it,, please
2023-10-22 13:04:27
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FOR THOSE WAITING ON THE FINAL NOVEL!! GoodNovel has not gotten back to me; I’ve had a good chunk of “Not All Who Dream Are Sleeping” finished and written for months. I’m having trouble uploading and can’t seem to get ANY help. I’m working on it. :/
2023-04-27 00:23:29
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Hey all! ... I’m finally ready to start posting the third book—“Not All Who Dream Are Sleeping”. I’ve got the plot mostly figured out, and will be updating every week. Just give me a few days to get started!
2022-09-20 13:59:31
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Leanne Robertson
Loved this story! Can’t wait for the next book!
2022-06-20 18:36:21
default avatar
Great book! Can’t wait for the next one, when will it make an appearance?
2022-01-03 00:27:46
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Brandon Young
as soon as I started reading your first book I couldn't stop until I finished this one. I cant believe you have a third! I am so excited to keep reading the journey you wrote. I cried so much because a lot of it hit home. thank you so much for such a wonderful trilogy.
2021-03-15 14:45:10
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Jacqueline Gordon
An amazingly written and expertly captured story. Thank you
2021-03-12 03:55:28
default avatar
I have read your "not all" books twice now. I was so excited to see your note about a third book! When will you be putting it out?
2021-01-28 01:07:56
47 Chapters
Prologue/Chapter One:
Prologue:Whitney gaped at she and Hollis’ hotel room’s flat screen television in disbelief. She’d heard the Anchor crew mention it in passing before handing the story to their reporter, and couldn’t believe her ears. She’d since stopped packing and forced herself to sit down and pay full attention. Whitney’s fingers itched as she held the remote up to change the channel, but something prevented her from pressing the button. She felt a numbing sensation starting to travel upward from her toes as the Californian news reporter seemed to stare solemnly into her soul with intense amber eyes. The unmistakable flash of cameras went off behind her as she started walking along her sister’s street. A gentle breeze blew the woman’s shoulder length strawberry blonde hair into her face as she started speaking.“...Thank you, George. Hollywood lost one of their brightest stars over the weekend. Actress
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Chapter Two:
| Whitney |Humming along to the Zelda soundtrack playing in her left Bluetooth earbud, Whitney finished counting down Pencil Me In’s last register and recorded the numbers with efficient accuracy. She figured it might be a busy night with all the summer specials they had going on, but instead it was unusually quiet. Not that Whitney was complaining; The lack of customers gave her plenty of time to finish the tasks on her to-do list before clocking out and not worrying about the art store for the next two weeks.Oh! Which reminded her. “Hey Jenny, do you need any help pulling the old tags off?” Whitney shouted clear across the isles on her way to the manager’s office with the newly filled out revenue reports. She tucked a strand of black curly hair behind her right ear as she continued walking in search of Pencil Me In’s latest scheduled employee, stocker Jennifer Vaughn.“Naw I’m about done. Thanks thou
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Chapter Three:
| Hollis |“Last call!” Hollis shouted across the restaurant in a clear voice as she whipped up a jack on the rocks for Kenneth, one of their regulars. 1:30 A.M always came too soon for everyone, so the bartender wasn’t surprised at all to find Morgana bouncing between tables before rushing to the bar to get those last minute alcohol orders in.“What do ya got for me?” Hollis asked absently, finishing up Kenneth’s drink and eyeing Morgana expectantly as the petite waitress peered at her notepad with tired sky blue eyes.“Uh two Bud-lights and a White Russian.”“Coming up!” Less than two minutes later, Hollis had Morgana’s patron’s drinks lined up neatly so the server could easily carry them over. “Whipped cream for Donna today?” The blonde hitched her chin in the direction of Harold and Donna Cunningham, who frequented Ringo’s at least once a week. While both husband
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Chapter Four:
| Hollis |After spending just over an hour re-packing Whitney's three suitcases plus her carry on, the girls were finally heading back to Hollis' with two heaping plates of mashed potatoes, corn, and chicken. As Whitney prepared to lock the door, her lover leaned against the side of the house with a drowsy smile. "You got everything West Coast?" "Yep! Thanks to you, baby." Whitney's thick black bun bounced slightly as she jangled the door, then stooped to grab her newly organized Michael Kors bag. Hollis had already loaded the rest, and their dinner had been stashed underneath the back seat safely."Don't discredit yourself; I watched your cute little butt hustling in there. Oh, can you drive? I'm so fucking tired." The blonde yawned as she stretched in place. That much was true, but it was more of an emotional and mental exhaustion. Hollis had completely forgotten about sending Whitney that text, and refused to bring the mood down by telling
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Chapter Five:
| Hollis |The next time Hollis woke up, she was alone. Her weighted blanket was designed to help her feel like Whitney was always next to her when she was trying to fall asleep, but that unique warmth associated with another human body just wasn’t there. Much less Whitney's. She could hear faint laughter and animated conversation coming from downstairs and blinked away the first few minutes of grogginess. As if suddenly remembering something, Hollis cursed softly and lunged for her charging Google Pixel 4 XL to peek at the time.4:15 P.M.Fuck. She had group in an hour, and had promised to pick up Jake this go around since he'd been having some car trouble. Trying to remember if she asked Whitney to wake her up or not, Hollis quickly dashed out of bed and grabbed a random short sleeved black shirt and dark wash jeans before slipping into the guest bathroom for a hot shower. Ok, let's go through the m
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Chapter Six:
Fourteen years Prior, Auburn Maine| Hollis |“You sure you’re gonna be alright if I go to the tailgate party, Holl?” Sixteen year old Dalton asked tentatively, tossing his little sister the football he’d won at some stupid arcade in town last year. “The guys wouldn’t mind if you wanted to come, you know.” Hollis caught it and fingered the white stitching with what was supposed to be a reassuring smile.“I’m meeting up with Kendra for dinner, otherwise you know I’d be there. She’s not about that scene.” The blonde shrugged, tightening the strings of her plain off-white hoodie and hopping off Dalton’s bed to hand him the ball back. Her apprehensive grey eyes shone with something her brother couldn’t read, and he only hesitated for a second before embracing her fiercely.“If it gets bad again, stay over at her place.”He
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Chapter Seven:
| Hollis |The next dayWhitney’s arm laid like dead weight as it remained looped around Hollis’ bare midsection protectively. Her angelic face was buried in the other girl’s neck while she continued to sleep soundly. Each breath felt light and airy as they caressed her nape, right along the crimson love bites Whitney always had a habit of leaving behind. It’d been fifteen minutes since Hollis woke up in a groggy state, but she didn’t want to risk stirring her girlfriend so she just watched Whitney with a relaxed smile. Laying perfectly still. Recollections of the previous night rushed forward, and they made Hollis infinitely grateful for the adorable woman curled up against her now.********************Hearing the despairing cries coming from Hollis’ bedroom, Whitney rushed upstairs to find her girlfriend grabbing at her hair to keep from punching the wall as she screamed blindly at nothing,
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Chapter Eight:
| Whitney |"Hey Californiiiaaaa!" Jake sang teasingly, grinning broadly as Whitney skipped over to give him a side hug. His silver snakebites glinted in the afternoon sun when he turned toward the petite woman slowly approaching them with a shy grin of her own. "This is Nora. We met at group about a month ago. Nora, Whitney. She's Hollis' girl." "What's up, what's up?" Whitney chirped, extending her hand toward Nora with a toothy smile. The smaller woman took it graciously, bouncing on her heels slightly as she did so. With her luminous strawberry blonde hair and peppy spirit, she radiated hella good vibes. The soft yellow romper she was rocking might have looked out of place on anyone else, but it fit her tiny body nicely. The white Keds she wore were really all that mattered, since hiking required decent footwear. "Hi! It's nice to meet you. Gosh, you're so pretty!" Her green eyes glittered like jewels as they broke their handshake. She di
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Chapter Nine:
| Whitney |Neither girl said anything for the first ten minutes during the drive back to Hollis’ house. The blonde kept her tired eyes on the road ahead as she casually drummed a few fingers against the steering wheel, like she often did while deep in thought. Whitney stared at her lap trying to focus on anything other than her growing irritation.Honestly, to say Whitney was irritated would’ve been a massive understatement. Hollis swore she’d stop hiding things from her as a stipulation of getting back together just before Christmas, so she’d been completely blindsided by Jake’s comment about Ringo’s. Since her girlfriend said she’d elaborate, Whitney had been biting her tongue in hopes that she would start talking sooner rather than later. As the stifling silence continued however, she sighed loudly and turned to glare out of the window.Her girlfriend drew in a deep breath, and Whitney held hers.&ldq
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Chapter Ten:
Two days later| Hollis |“Have you decided if you’re going yet?” Whitney questioned as she watched her girlfriend set out a pair of comfortable clothing for tomorrow morning’s flight to New York City. She was referring to Dalton’s hearing, naturally. The blonde had asked her older brother for some time to think about it after finding she couldn’t answer him right away.Nothing changed between then and now.“Nope.” Hollis grunted as she placed a pair of blue jeans and a plain white tee shirt on top of her black dresser. “I’m still trying to figure out why he asked; Dalton knows how I am...I’m liable to get myself arrested for freaking out.” Her grey eyes flashed with fury and she let out a scoff. “I didn’t even want to know his name at first, remember?”The memory was very vivid for Whitney. As supportive as Hollis was, she c
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