Chapter Forty-Two:

| Hollis |

When it finally became clear as day Chad didn’t intend to up and leave as originally planned, Hollis set her sharp jawline with indignation and shifted her intense gaze to a very quiet Dalton. She’d since let go of Whitney and Kendra’s hands, and was resting her elbows on two shaking ripped jean clad knees. Her tattooed fingers were intertwined, and she kept lightly tapping at her left cheek with both fists. Nervous, and fidgety as hell. She spoke hoarsely, already exhausted from the sudden outburst.

“...I’m not ready yet. C-can someone else go first? Please?”

Whitney’s widened honey colored eyes were pleading with Kendra as she carefully leaned back in her seat, begging for some sort of direction. The petite blonde nodded silently to let her worried roommate know they needed to let Hollis react organically, and emphasized it by rubbing the back of her best friend’s head briefly before st

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