Chapter Forty-Three:

Roughly a month later

| Dalton |

An unexpected summer rain storm swept over Auburn during the earliest hours of June 25th, somewhere between four and six A.M; Leaving behind a pleasantly cool fog and dewy touch in the air several hours later. An abundance of white cedar trees surrounding the Androscoggin County Superior Court rustled and swayed gently in the calm breeze. Blanketed by hovering clouds, the massive judicial branch was especially frenzied today.

An arrogant Preston Clay, accompanied by his ridiculously wealthy parents, sauntered into their assigned courtroom wearing a dark grey suit worthy of any ‘Daddy’s little rich boy’. His icy blue eyes fell on the opposing side to where they’d be sitting, and he scoffed outwardly at the native Mainer who turned down his father’s millions and for what? To embarrass himself no doubt. At least, that’s where his narrow minded brain had stretched

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