Chapter Six:

Fourteen years Prior, Auburn Maine

| Hollis |

“You sure you’re gonna be alright if I go to the tailgate party, Holl?” Sixteen year old Dalton asked tentatively, tossing his little sister the football he’d won at some stupid arcade in town last year. “The guys wouldn’t mind if you wanted to come, you know.” Hollis caught it and fingered the white stitching with what was supposed to be a reassuring smile.

“I’m meeting up with Kendra for dinner, otherwise you know I’d be there. She’s not about that scene.” The blonde shrugged, tightening the strings of her plain off-white hoodie and hopping off Dalton’s bed to hand him the ball back. Her apprehensive grey eyes shone with something her brother couldn’t read, and he only hesitated for a second before embracing her fiercely.

“If it gets bad again, stay over at her place.”


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