Chapter Five:

| Hollis |

The next time Hollis woke up, she was alone. Her weighted blanket was designed to help her feel like Whitney was always next to her when she was trying to fall asleep, but that unique warmth associated with another human body just wasn’t there. Much less Whitney's. She could hear faint laughter and animated conversation coming from downstairs and blinked away the first few minutes of grogginess. As if suddenly remembering something, Hollis cursed softly and lunged for her charging Google Pixel 4 XL to peek at the time.

4:15 P.M.

Fuck. She had group in an hour, and had promised to pick up Jake this go around since he'd been having some car trouble. Trying to remember if she asked Whitney to wake her up or not, Hollis quickly dashed out of bed and grabbed a random short sleeved black shirt and dark wash jeans before slipping into the guest bathroom for a hot shower.

Ok, let's go through the m

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