Not my Tail!

Not my Tail!

By:  Kiyaaan  Ongoing
Language: English
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What will you do if one day, you suddenly wake up with ears above your head and tails behind your back? What if you suddenly came back to how you were, 20 years ago, just with different eyes and hair color? Coming home from a late-night party, Tiffany George passed out as soon as she felt the softness and warmth of her comfy bed. She stinks of alcohol, explaining her carefree behavior, resulting into a deep sleep with her corporate attire on. On the next day, a phone call had woken her up. She massaged her aching temples and reached for her phone on the bedside table. She answered it without even bothering to look at the caller ID, her voice hoarse as she said hello. “Ms. George, what time do you think is it?” a cold voice floated over the phone, waking Tiffany out of her daze. She immediately hung-up the call and rose from the bed. But the moment she tried to reach the floor with her feet… she realized something amiss. She touched her face and felt her chest… A long silence ensued before her loud scream filled the entire room.

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was the start of a new day.Inside of a tall building, everyone was smiling as they greeted each other with smiles. They didn't forget to start their morning with talks and gossips about the latest trends and issues. They even started laughing loudly when they heard a funny joke.But upon seeing someone enter the entrance hall, they all turned and stopped the chattering to give their respect."Good morning, Ms. Secretary." all of them greeted in unison.The person who just arrived lifted her lids to look at them. They all stared in awe as they stare into those deep gray eyes. That person's eyes glistened with joy upon seeing them, giving them her sweetest smile. She looked sweet and timid, but once she opened her mouth, their smiles all started to fade away.That person is none other than Tiffany George. The CEO’s secretary whose beauty everyone adores. But beauty is another thing when she starts talking."Hmm? Is no one going to gr
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Chapter 2
Well, Tiffany did think of telling the guards. However, this kind of girls are too hard to stop.They were not one of those people who are ignorant of the law. They know their rights and they know how to twist it to their advantage.If they happen to drive them away by force, these people would just start sprouting nonsense on internet and friends. It would definitely affect the company’s image, so tiffany made the decision to just let them in and cause them a commotion first.In that way, they can’t use the words, ‘we didn’t do anything’, or, ‘they forced us out’. In that way, if anyone says anything bad about the company, they could easily counter it with CCTV footages and witnesses.Yes, Tiffany thought of it so deeply that she even thought of ways on how to defend the company against the court when time comes. She’s that devoted to the company and her job.And that’s exactly the reason why t
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Chapter 3
“Hmn…”My head hurts…And what is this ringing sound on my ear? It’s so noisy that I can’t go back to sleep…But shortly after, the ringing died down. I scratched my head and tossed around the bed. Then I pulled the sheets to cover my whole body.I strangely feel cold today… but it feels nice to sleep.So, sleep, I did.[‘You’ve missed a call from…’]Hmn? What’s that?[‘You’ve missed a call from Mr…’]Why is my phone so noisy? At least let me sleep peacefully… my head hurts, you know? I feel like vomiting.But the phone had no considerations as it started ringing again. This time, the sound lasted so long that it finally annoyed me.I forced myself up as I stretch my arm to reach my phone which was supposed to be on my bedside table. The sudden movement made my head throb in pain, resulting in
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Chapter 4
I saw how her forehead creased when she heard me calling her name. That was a mistake of me.“You know my name?” Phoebe asked while staring at my face.I just avoided my gaze and pretended that I didn’t hear her. I even pulled the jacket hood to hide my face from her. I can’t afford being exposed now… I don’t want her to know that her friend had become a weird alien.“You look like someone I know.”My heart jumped because of that remark. Did she recognize me?“Anyway, let this big sister accompany you to the other side of the road.”Oh… even though I don’t want her to recognize me, I do need some help on crossing the road.So, I gladly accepted her hand while still keeping my head low. I don’t know when it started, but I feel like my senses had grown sharp. Even right now, I can feel Phoebe’s gaze though I’m not particularly looking at her.
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Chapter 5
Why is he here so early?!Ah… I need to hide… hide!But…Where?!At the corner of my eye, I noticed the credenza cabinet on one side that is supposed to be used for files that are no longer in need. As far as I can remember, I cleaned that up just a day before going MIA. For sure, it’s still clean, right?“Yes. I’ll hang up now.”He’s here!!!I’ve got no other choice… And since my body had shrunken so much, I’m sure I can fit inside!With a swift step, I approached the cabinet almost instantly. And then, I slid it’s door open before forcing myself inside and closing the door.It’s so cramped.But I wasn’t wrong. It really is clean and I did fit inside.Then I heard the door click.“Hmn? Wasn’t this locked?” I heard his low voice.The cabinet is almost right beside the door so I can hear his
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Chapter 6
What am I doing here again? “Do you want some? It’s tasty, if I may say so.” What am I doing, sitting in front of my CEO, with a plate of cookies and a glass of hot chocolate in between us? Where did I go wrong? Ah… I know. It’s all because of my pen obsession. Because of that one small mistake, I’m stuck in here, together my handsomely cold CEO. “So? Where’s your mother?” he asked once again. He was done urging me to eat cookies, so now he was getting straight to the point. ‘Aren’t you busy? Aren’t you supposed to leave right away?’ I wanted to ask. But, of course, I couldn’t. However, instead of answering him, I just lowered my head and acted shy, when in fact, I’m already thinking of a way to escape. We are here inside his office. To get outside, I have to pass through two closed doors. Just exiting his office door is already hard enough, and yet, I still have another door to cross to completely leav
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Chapter 7
“Uhmm…”Think. Tiffany, you have to think! Use that healthy brain of yours! Remember, you’re the secretary of the cold and black-bellied CEO of the Arsiel Group of Companies, Von Zacharias Arsiel!You are a competent person! A bright, brilliant, and reliable secretary!Why be blank right now?!“Uhm…”But I really can’t think of any right words to say… what to do, what to do?“Like I said, I want nothing but the truth. It’s just a simple yes or no, so why do you have to think that hard?” my CEO is scary.I watched as his lips formed a small sly grin, accompanied with his crescent shaped eyes, seemingly looking down on me.I could hear the ticking of the clock. No one spoke between us.Until finally, I couldn’t take it any longer.I released a heavy sigh before parting my lips to speak.“…Yes.” I answered.
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