13. Giovanni

The air is thick with tension as I walk into my club knowing I’m about to deliver some news that will fuck up an alliance. I’ve gathered with my brothers and three cousins for an urgent meeting.

The dimly lit room, filled with the smoky haze of cigars, served as the backdrop for this critical discussion. Last night while at one of my clubs, I received damning information about a fucking traitor within the family, and it's time to address the situation.

It’s my father’s funeral tomorrow; this needs to be sorted out right fucking now.

My three cousins, Alessio, Allesandro, and Anthony, are my capos. They’re brothers and oversee Brooklyn. My brother Frankie is my Underboss and Dom is my consigliere.

They know I’ve taken over as the boss in our family and they’re one hundred percent behind me. It’s been a week since my father died and although I have been accepted as the Capo dei Capi, I know a few people still think the title was handed to me.

As if I didn’t bathe in blood to get here.
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B.C Maurice
OMG! J. TARR to the world! This is yet another masterpiece. I'm friggin enjoying this! Thank you sooooooo much for this super interesting story!!!
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Mary Sandoval Montoya
OMG!!!!! ....... I was not expecting this much excitement from the very beginning. I just want more and more.

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