Oh! My Pretty Boy

Oh! My Pretty Boy

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He's carrying a name no one hasn't heard of. A name written in books. A name defined by history. And no one can reject him except the girl with a yellow ribbon in her hair. Will history repeats itself? Or a new story will be written?

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"I, Ferdinand Alexander 'Sandro' Alfonzo Mercado do solemnly swear to you that I will diligently execute the position of a boyfriend, and will, to the best of my ability, uphold my love, and support every little thing you does neglecting your crazy but cute attitude and to live each day with you with all my heart. Will you be my girl?" There she stood like a doll, she remained still and did not even try to react to my confession. Am I not good enough to be her boyfriend? Everyone says that I am the nation's choice. How can she not choose me?! I am the great Ferdinand Alexander II, the great grandson of the country's renowned hero. I am born with very attractive genes and outstanding ancestry. Why is she not saying anything? I looked at her still face. A moment later she straightened her back and looked up to face me. "I am Yvette Veronica Mendoza Gonzalez, born without anything special but rather have an unknown past and uncertain future." She took a step forward and slightly push
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Chapter 1 - The Unexpected Meeting
I watched the swaying trees as they fade out in my rearview mirror. I've been driving for almost four hours now and I can feel that my body is starting to feel exhausted.  Elise let me took a break from modeling but she never thought of sending me off. She didn't care for me and my whole being. She was just using my face and body to earn. What a bad talent manager she is?! I was busying myself with thoughts of how I can take a revenge on my bossy talent manager, Elise, when my phone rang. And speaking of the little devil, she is now calling me. I turned on my earphone to accept her call. "Are you missing me now? Or are you just missing the chance to earn from me?" I annoyingly asked her on the phone. I heard her soft chuckled over the line. "You are so childish, Sandro. You are not a baby anymore so better act as a man. You are every girl's dream man so better be responsible for their dreams. Haha! Don't ruin their imaginations!"
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Chapter 2 - Pauper turns into a Princess
"You need to join the party tonight, Mr. Mercado. You must! You don't have a choice. This is a very good opportunity for a Mercado to be inside the Gonzalez mansion. The Gonzalez mansion was opened for people just for today. You should take this chance to know more about the history of Antonio Nataniel Gonzalez, your great grandfather's archenemy. He doesn't have any direct descendants because her only child and daughter went missing. And historians are claiming that his daughter died during the great revolution." Elise ended her phone call with her unbothered long speech.Elise is definitely enjoying her power over me. She keeps on nagging me to attend events that I don't usually like. And now, she is asking me to attend a ball without even telling me the real reason. I know there is more about knowing the history of the Gonzalez.I am the most sought-after model. Aside from being the great descendant of the country's hero, I am the Nation's Prince Charming. She shoul
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Chapter 3 - Trapped
"Oh! Are you with someone tonight, Mr. Mercado?" A young reporter immediately went to us while I opened my car's passenger door to let Yvee out. And not long after, all reporter gathered around us. Flashes of lights are now pointed at Yvee's face which made her very uncomfortable. I felt her small hands cling around my right arm as she tries to hide from the cameras. "Is she the lucky girl? How did you meet?" "Are you breaking your bachelor image now, Sandro?" "Can you tell us your relationship?"  "This is a very big news. We can't wait to hear you!" I was bombarded with questions from the reporters. None of them plans to blink for a second. Their eyes and hears are all set on me just to hear my answers. I tapped Yvee's hand around my arm and took a deep breath before saying. "She wants to remain unknown. So please let us respect her decision."  I smiled at them before taking a step t
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Chapter 4 - A Glimpse of the Past
“I was followed by some stranger and end up entering your place. That’s it!” She was very agitated as she explained. I can see her annoyance through her eyes. But that made me smile. “Can you let me go now? I need to get out from here. This place is too noisy for me,” Yvee said as she tried to move my hands off her. “I also want to get out from here but I’m too tired. I’ll take a nap here. You should go out but be careful,” I said while I gave her a last tap on the head before sitting on the corner to take a rest. She turned her back to me and started walking but suddenly stops midway. “You take care also….Sandro,” she said with a smiling face. That left me speechless for a while before I managed to nod at her. “Okay, see you when I see you!” I waved and she waved back before walking ahead. I straighten my back and laid my legs on the floor before I closed my eyes. “You are not a true Mercado! You cannot be!”
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Chapter 5 - The contract
“You should not go near me or else I’ll shout!” Yvee threatened me with all her might when she woke up. She stood up on the bed and grab a pillow.“Should you thank me instead of acting like I abducted you?” I moved close to her bed and sit. “Aren’t you too much? I cared for you that I brought you here on our exclusive mansion. You’re lucky—AW!I was hit on my face by a flying pillow just when I was about to finish my sentence. What a disgraceful woman she really is!“Let me out!” She quickly ran towards the door.“Oh, dear! Why are you running?” Grandma was just behind the door when Yvee opened the door. “Did Sandro scare you? Don’t worry I am here. I am on your side,” Grandma softly caress Yvee’s back as if she is her granddaughter.“Grandma, I am your grandson. How could you say that? I am not scaring her. She is just a scaredy cat. I even brought here her after she collapsed.”I saw Grandma winked at me as if she is saying to let it pass just to appease Yvee.“Have a breakfast firs
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