The CEO's Contracted Wife

The CEO's Contracted Wife

By:  Wellmindelysian  Ongoing
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They didn't want to marry each other, but when luck plays the game, no one can win against it. °°° "But I don't love you?!" "I don't love you either!" °°° Zahir and Hoor had to marry each other against their will, even if it was a drama of one year. One didn't want to spoil his life while the other didn't want to disappoint her father. It was nothing but a contract marriage. ***** Zahir Mathews is a successful businessman who is also a perfect person in the eyes of the world. In spite of touching the height of the sky, there was no pride in that person. He had respect for the elders, the values ​​taught by his father shone in him. Nothing was difficult for him except getting married and living a happy life with a creature named ‘Wife’. Although no one except his family knows about his weakness, it is necessary to break the illusion. Hoor Mizrahi is a hardworking girl who earns some money by doing petty jobs along with her studies.Whatever money she earns, she first uses it for her father who is a sick person, before herself. When another problem comes in such a difficult life, then she is left with no other option but to get into it. The problem was nothing but marrying her father's friend's arrogant son.

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Janeth Green.
This is an amazing read. the blurb pulls right from the start. Keep updating author.
2023-06-15 01:36:00
42 Chapters
— H O O R —°°°I was hurriedly gathering my stuff and was about to leave when suddenly my boss uttered my name loudly. And it hurt my eardrums. “Hoor!” I turned to look at him. My reaction could be normal when I look at my strict boss but it was not as I expected. Or if anybody expected. When I looked at him, my reaction was like someone asked for money from me and that somehow makes me pathetic. The huge grin which was plastered on my face faded away the moment I saw another box in his hands. Well, I was happy because my shift was over now. I was leaving — already imagining myself under the shower. I was happy because after reaching home, I was going to take a long cold shower and it is every Indian’s dream after letting themselves fry for money. But when I saw the box in his hands, which clearly showed that once again I had to go out for the delivery on this hot burning day, I could not help but cry inwardly. Please! I had already delivered eight parcels and after this one, I d
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— Z A H I R —°°°“Just look at her, she’s beautiful!” I hear my dad say and my head snaps in the girl’s direction. But I can't see her face because it is blurry. Well, a corner of my heart sighs because I am not getting to see her witch-like face but another corner clenched tightly when I do not get to see her face. Why am I sad? You want to know? Because my dad is forcing me to marry this girl. But unfortunately, I am not even able to see her face. I squint my eyes as I focus on her face but… fuck! It is still blurred. Did she do any crime? Because this usually happens with the faces on news channels when they are talking about some serial killer. Serial killer! My eyes lower on her and I find she is in a white gown. A white fucking wedding gown. A long veil is resting on her head but it is not covering her face. I feel restless all of a sudden and I am not able to see her face. I turn to look at my behind. My dad is grinning there and I pout like a small child on his first da
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— Z A H I R —°°°When I got home, I tried to wake Ryan up but this kid punched me in the cheek. I close my eyes shut, gritting my teeth in annoyance. Only bad things are happening today. There is no peace at any moment. I huff and pick him in my arms before hanging his bag on my shoulder. His bag is too light. I wonder if he even keeps something in his bag. “Welcome, Sir.” The guard bowed down as he saw me. I nodded, not stopping to move further. I swear, I am going to throw this kid once I reach his room. With this decent thought in my head, I reach the hall and see my dad eating something in a box. My brows corrugated as I try to zoom in on the thing but as soon as my eyes fall on the object, he hurriedly hides it behind his back. So he knew I was there, no?Putting Ryan on the couch carefully, I straighten, asking him, “What’s the thing you were eating, Dad?” Oh yeah, what does he think of my eyes? I saw it was something eatable and his mouth was stuffed with something that
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— A D Y A N T — The sun was setting, showing the day was about to end and I was driving back home. For the last several days, I was away from my family for some important meeting in another country, but now I was eager to meet my family. You can call me a restless person without my family but my family is like a breath for me. Abdul salutes me as soon as I reach the door of the house. I just give him a smile and then take my car forward as the main door opens. In the middle, I hear my child’s voice while taking the car through the dark pathway. When I look out through the window, I catch Ryan, my lovely boy playing in the garden. With Shraddha, his caretaker and Rayma. I raise my brows when I do not find Zahir with him. Because my younger brother Zahir comes to play with my child in the evening. Ryan’s got a cool uncle who plays with him even though he comes tired from work. Well, all thanks to my stubborn child who does not let anyone sit at rest. Parking my car, I walk towards
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— Z A H I R —°°°“Hm right bro, Uncle is really serious about you this time.” Even though his words were reassuring, I could not ignore the amusement in his voice. He was enjoying it all. “Shut up! I know you too are enjoying it!” I gritted out, taking a turn according to the location. He chuckled. “Okay, I’m sorry, but I’m happy at last they got a girl for you.” “Huh!” I scoffed. “C’mon, you’re thinking too much. I know you’ll handle it.” “What?” “This marriage?” “Are you crazy? I don’t even know that girl!” “You’ll get to know, don’t worry.” “Shut up, Darsh.” “Was I wrong?”“Of course!” I sighed. “Is there any use in begging in front of you all? Now you just pray that I don't commit suicide by hanging myself from the fan of my room on my wedding day itself.” These all are turning into soul-crushing monsters. He chuckled once again. “The ceiling fan will break; try something else.” What a friend! “But I don't think the girl will let this happen.” “How are you sure?” I wa
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— H O O R —“How are you now?” I ask her as soon as I reach her room. Parul, my friend, lives in her room though there's nobody to take care of her. Along with my dad, I take care of her because she is also suffering. I have no problem taking care of two people at a time but who wants to see their loved ones suffering from diseases that can be proven fatal in later stages of life? They say the human mind is prone to think negatively first. And the same is with me, of course, because Parul’s health only deteriorated. My dad could not walk after an accident at his workplace and I was broken when I found he could not walk anymore. I have seen him struggling and regretting on his own that all the burden was automatically on my shoulders. I could not save him at that time but I can save my friend from getting sicker than she already is. Parul is lying in bed. She looks up at me as soon as she hears my voice. I first came to check on her because I knew Dad would be sleeping in his room
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— H O O R —°°°One more week of my life has passed. Nothing new happened in it, nor did I want any new surprises. I was fine with the way my life was going, except for the day when I would be able to start earning a decent income and get my father treated. Every morning I would prepare breakfast and lunch for Papa and Parul. I do my breakfast with him and secure the lunch before getting ready and leaving for The Cooper's Corner. There my work would be only till 3 in the afternoon after which I would leave to take up my other job. For the time being, I found a job in a bookstore because my salary coming from only one job was not so enough that I would depend on that single job. After that, I would leave for home in the evening and inquire about the well-being of Parul and Papa. They both always tell me that they are all right but I know they lie to me. Seeing the worry and tiredness on my face, they don't want to bother me more, so they give me false consolation, but I am not so s
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— Z A H I R —°°°A week has passed since the day of celebrating happiness but my father's mood has changed completely. I have been noticing for a week that he does not talk to anyone well. His smile, which was inevitable, is no longer found on his lips. He even stopped joking every now and then. Now he does not insult me ​​in front of everyone. How did this change all of a sudden? This change is strange. Sometimes he does not even listen carefully to things. It seems every moment, he is just thinking about something. There is something that is bothering him. And I did not like this change at all. I hate every change that causes my father’s smile to become rare. That is why today I am going to him with the intention of getting to know the reason. I want to ask him what has been bothering him for the last week. Taking a deep breath, I knock on his door. “Come in.” The voice reaches my ears. I push the door open, peeking inside. My dad is sitting on his chair, wearing specs, and he
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— H O O R — °°° Knock knock! Hearing the sound, I looked towards the door. I sighed and walked to open the door. Who would have come to Parul's door on such a late night? Yeah, Parul's door because I am here to have a chat with her. I have completed my study hours and was not even sleepy so thought of accompanying Parul. She lives alone. “Who would want to meet you at this time, hm?” I ask Parul who is sitting across from me. Her back leans against the headboard and her eyes get the mischievous glint in my eyes for which she gasps in response. I giggle, seeing her reaction. “I don't know, seriously!” She muttered and I shook my head. I get up from the place and go to open the door for the person. My eyes widen when I look at the person after I open the door. He was the least expected person at our door. “You?” I frown deeply, looking at his handsome face. “Yeah, me. Actually, I wanted to talk with you. Would you mind if I take some of your time?” He asks me gently and I doub
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— H O O R —°°°I did not know how the next month passed. The night of Zahir's proposal I was able to easily forget because I was not impressed by his proposal. I was not even affected a bit by it. Two days later that night he came to see me again and he also gave me his contact, saying that if I change my mind, I can tell him. Well, nothing like that is going to happen, yet with some respect, I accepted his number. Nothing affected me at that time. Why would such a strange thing affect me? But that night after Zahir left, Parul asked me a lot of questions. She did not like that I turned down the proposal of marriage because even for a moment she can think that marriage without love exists. I also believe that arranged marriages exist, but love is there for everyone in life. Cannot love happen after marriage? Sure it is possible, but a great personality like Zahir refused to even believe it. But I do not want to give many judgments about that man. Every person has his own different
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