You can't lie

You can't lie

By:  Faith Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
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A liar gas has invaded the world permanently. Nobody can lie, else an instant . Ariyah has commited herself to remaining silent for the rest of her life. Her family thinks it is just because she is afraid of , but how can she hide the fact that she is bisexual now that she can't lie? Will she come out to everyone and move on with life or will she let the liar gas rule her world and make her a mute, till she actually dies?You can't lie!

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Claudia K. Kaspa
Such a good story :)
2020-07-10 14:12:34
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i like it,very like it
2020-07-07 15:20:35
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Chibuzor Victor Obih
Awwwwww! I definitely cannot tell a lie lol
2020-06-11 06:33:42
33 Chapters
It had been exactly a month since the liar gas was exposed. It all started in a science lab. It was supposed to be kept a secret by the inventors but one of the scientists had been careless enough to allow the release of the dangerous gas into the atmosphere.  At first, the government tried to conceal this secret, hoping it would go unnoticed by the public. But then, things grew worse. It wasn't even a minute old after a lie when the victim would cough and fall to their knees, then pass away. Once the citizens noticed, they tried to migrate to other countries, but at a rapid pace, every country in the world was hit. My first experience was with Sasha Mark, we were all in the school hallway. My friends, Berry, Casey, Jane, and I. Sasha was our school's popular. She liked everyone and got the mutual feelin
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My mother dropped me off at school and waved goodbye at me. I stared at my little brother, Kyle. He was only seven and could not wrap his fingers around why he was not allowed back in school.All children younger than thirteen had been instructed to school from home. The government said none of them was smart enough to be on school ground yet."It isn't fair, I'm tired of staying at home." Kyle scoffed, folding his arms across his chest as our mother attempted to leave school ground."Kyle, you are so young, you could say a lie unconsciously. Mommy has told you several times, lying kills now." She sighed, tapping her manicured fingers against the steering wheel."But we could at least try not to." He drew his lips into a pout. I wished I could be in his shoes. I still thought it was unsafe and that the government was not trying enough. They could find a solution if they tried."Just say by
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"Are you insane?" Grace attacked, pulling away and keeping me at arms length, running her eyes all over me in scrutiny. It was great to see her face again. She looked beautiful than I remembered.One month had never felt so long. "I tried every possible way to contact you! God knows I was tempted to come to your house. Why would you think of ignoring my calls. I was so creeped out. I thought if I didn't see you here, I was going to make my way to your house regardless of the circumstances." She pulled away, noticing my reluctance to give her a response."You didn't return any of my texts, Ariyah, what's wrong?" She scanned her eyes through me.I hated for her to walk away like Jane, without knowing the cause of my silence. I breathed heavily, not knowing what to do. I pulled my phone put and typed aggressively, ignoring her worried face.*I'm sorry but I can no longer talk to you. I have decided to be a mu
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I turned to leave for class as well, knowing best that standing still would only provoke nothing more than tears. I held onto my school bag as tight as I could and made my way out of the scene and into the first class I had for the day, maths. 
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"But how would you know that?" I squinted my eyes at him.  "Because Ariyah, whosoever they pointed fingers at is an actual dead man. They are trying to put the blame on someone." He stood to his feet, his hands behind his back. 
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She turned to leave angrily. I met Luke's gaze and he sensed that she was more than a friend. 'Don't tell her anything.' He mouthed to me. I scurried off to follow behind her. "Grace." I got her to stop even in her hastened steps. I pulled her shoulder and that brought her to look at me. Neither of us had to bother about hovering over the other since we were literally
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"" I called with a gasp. This was plain doom for me. "How did you get your hands on that?" The living room appeared to be spinning. Our house usually looked disordered. The brown couches were tightly packed together, every desk had a lamp on it, thanks to my mother, multiple fish tanks lined the demarcation between the kitchen and the living room. All of that detail seemed choking at the moment.  
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"I thought you were never coming back." My mother attacked as soon I snuck back info the house. The living room was brightened up by the loud television telling news we were familiar with by now. "Hi mum." I stared at my feet with a sigh. 
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"Ariyah, where on earth are  you running to? For the love of God, wait up!" Grace continued to chant from behind me. It was disturbing how she wouldn't give up. How could Luke have been so careless  to let such vital information escape his mind? "Out of my way!" I pushed aside an innocent redhead taking a selfie and doing the peace sign.&nbs
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I remained sobbing for a long while. I could not process the reality. I should have known best and stayed away. I shouldn't have asked for an explanation. Was Grace really gone? It felt impossible. The black in her eyes were absent. She laid motionless and cold in my arms. After a while, I sniffed, wiped my nose with the back of my hand and turned to look at Bla
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