Cum for me

Hannah Morales's lips curved upwards and revealed a smile that did not reach her eyes. She nodded at Serenity.

"I like peaches," she said. Now it was Serenity's turn to smile.

"The use of a safe word during BDSM practice is very crucial. Like I'd explained, once it's said, I have to stop all activities"

"I understand" The blonde's attempt at sounding brave went into the mud. If Hannah Morales was not straddling Serenity, she would have mistaken the look on her face, but her tensed body was all the older woman needed to confirm that she was still scared.

"Say your safe word, Serenity and leave. You're tensed. We can reschedule" The words Hannah voiced did not match what was in her heart. Should Serenity utter that dreaded word, Hannah would be depressed. Aroused and depressed. No amount of masturbating and no dildo seize would tear her out of it.

"No! Please. Don't"

Hannah wanted to smile. After all, she'd hoped Serenity's response will be positive. But the older woman couldn't help
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