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"Oh my god! I remember that shop!" Hannah squealed, excitedly pointing at a bookstore adjacent to where they currently stood. It was hours after both women checked into their suit. They'd taken a thirty minutes power nap, then showered and decided to hit the streets of Everton.

Hannah’s mood was more jolly compared to when she first walked into the hotel. A result of Rachel's peep talk and her call with Serenity whilst she got ready for their walk. Both women decided against having lunch at the Hotel and decided to go in for some greasy burger whilst the spoke about their favourite part of town.

Hannah was aware that Rachel hadn't stayed long in Everton before they met. She had just transferred in from South Dakota and was only at the Everton health centre for a week before Hannah was brought in. Then they'd clicked, and she dropped everything for Hannah. Rachel though, never regretted quitting her job.

"It used to be a book shop. I would come here with my friends to study whe
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