"Yes baby, Rachel and I just got into our uber," Hannah Morales spoke into her phone whilst juggling with her handbag and trying to put on her seatbelt. Once done, she looked into her phone, smiling at her screen revealing Serenity's full paint-staint face.

Hannah sucked in a breath. Of course, she'd seen her lover painting severally, but somehow, it still manage to suck air out of her lungs. It was the way Serenity delicately held the brush as though she was afraid of hurting the canvas. It was how the veins on her hand became more visible and more attractive whenever she held a brush. It was how she stuck out the tip of her tongue as she concentrated, particularly when she was trying to capture a surreal emotion. And lastly, it was how beautiful she looked doing what she loved that made Hannah fall in love every second.

"You okay baby?" Serenity's worried voice brought Hannah back to reality. She shook her head, smiling sheepishly.

"Yeah, why?"

Serenity smiled, looking
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