Trip down memory lane

"Now that you know a little about my past, I think it's only fair you tell me about yours. What was your childhood like? Any friends in high school? Boyfriends, girlfriends? How you came to the realisation that you liked girls" Serenity Gils broke the silence in the room.

It was ten p.m and both women had just taken a break from yet another intense love-making session. After Serenity's surprise to Hannah, they immediately went for another round of sex, which led to six more. At this point, they were no different from rabbits, fucking their brains out. And whenever the older woman thought she couldn't go any further, the sight of the blonde's naked body and her six-inch friend proved her wrong by sending a gazillion of electric waves straight to the pit of her stomach.

Now, they lay in the quiet of Serenity's room, letting each other's warmth alter their memory and allowing their souls and minds to become one until they no longer exist without the other.

"I did" Hannah barely whispere
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