Mr. Darcy Jr.

Mr. Darcy Jr.

By:  Fitzwilliam  Completed
Language: English
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The novel was set on year 2024 at Britain, mostly in Cambridge and London. This follows and combines the timeline of the following book "Pride and Prejudice(1812)" by Jane Austen William Darcy Jr. is at his 20 trying to find answers how his parents broke up when he was young, on his way, he will endure the pain of truth and reality.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-30 16:14:35
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Nice story ...
2021-08-26 15:40:43
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This is really good!
2021-08-20 09:34:57
35 Chapters
Chapter 1 - William Darcy Jr.
September 10 2034, today is my 31st birthday, I was taking a walk outside the Pemberley with the person or should I of my life, a famous author actually, we both decided to make our story as his masterpiece, we are heading on our family's private cemetery, buried there are all my ancestors and all the Darcys who passed away.   "I wonder if he is watching us right now, he'll probably slap my know he was once against me being with you, because he don't want me to end up like him." he said while putting the flower he just bought from France on his father's grave.   I laughed while looking at him.   "No, I think he felt great seeing you happy and contented today.. That's all what parents wanted for their child."   "Maybe..So, shall we start? I brought papers and pen inside my bag, it's a perfect place since it's just the two of us...and I think your father won't interrupt and distur
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Chapter 2 - Meet the Darcys'
I haven't ironed my suit and it's my only suit, but whatever, I'll only stay there for an hour then I'll go. I don't want to see both my parents there with their new wife, husband and children, it's my weakness, If stare at them, my tears will shed automatically with no emotion, of course I'll not let them see it. I have to look tough in front of them just to prove that I can take care of myself without them.    Dad told me that I have to arrive there before the service starts because the service won't start if one member of the family is not around, seriously there will be over a hundred of us in Pemberley, how could they even recognize if someone is not around. Oh I forgot to tell you that one of our tradition is if one of the family member died, the funeral is always in Pemberley where our ancestors live in, lots of paintings, portraits of our ancestors and many creepy stuffs was displayed almost every wall, the one who is current Head Master there now i
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Chapter 3 - Eliza Cleaver
When I arrived at my apartment, I directly ran into my room and continued to cry there. Not knowing Gerald and Zelbert was actually in the kitchen and cooking. What the, how did they get in here? Oh I forgot, they were here before I left, so I stopped crying and wiped my tears.   "William? Are you okay buddy?" Zelbert while knocking the door in my room.   "Ah yes, I'll be out in a minute, let me change". I respond.   "We made extraordinary porridge, of course it's from your stock. Come and eat it before it gets cold". He added.    God they're messing up with my kitchen again, I hope it's a good porridge this time. After I changed, I immediately went to the kitchen, there they are eating while watching some random videos on YouTube.   "Hey, how's it going? You seem pretty early" Gerald said while eating the porridge    "Well I expected that you won't
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Chapter 4 - Close Sure
The next morning, I was awaken by my own alarm at 7AM, normal routine, cook, eat, bath and dress. I have to do that for an hour and a half but sometimes I have to skip some of those because there are class schedules that are early as 8AM. I rarely clean my own apartment because of my schedules, but gotta admit, I'm not the only one who has messy apartment. I just got a text message from an unknown number saying;   "Hey William, are you attending at our Uncle Mark's burial?"    Bugger it! How did one of my brothers knew my number? Probably one of my parents gave it to them. I just ignored the message and continue preparing my stuffs to school. I bought coffee first before entering the campus, it's my hobby, drinking coffee, it has never been proven that drinking coffee will affect person's intelligence.    Moving on, on my way to my department building, I started to look around me while walking firmly, I saw a g
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Chapter 5 - Reality
"You guys okay?" I asked to them in a loud voice because the rain is still pouring hard. We are soaking wet in the road like homeless child. "Yes its just a bruise in our head, but your arm William, it keeps bleeding" Billy said with a worry. Thank God, the ambulance arrived and they gave us first aid before taking us to the hospital. At the hospital, we are confined in the same ward since we only had minor injuries unlike the driver. It caught our attention on Princess Irina rushing towards us. "Jim!! Are you okay!?" Princess Irina said while hugging Jim. "We're very okay mom, no need to over react. Wait, how'd you know we got into accident? I never called or texted you." he replied and asked. "It doesn't matter, what actually happened? Huh? William?" she asked me. "A truck hit the taxi where we at, luckily none of us injured badly." I w
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Chapter 6 - Confrontation
Let's jump ahead. After the event at Fitzwilliam Museum which is the most whoreshit I've ever discovered. I can't believe Dad is seeing a man for over 14 years. I decided to talk to him about it, or I think it's not a good idea, it will make my relationship with Dad more worst. But if I'll tell Dad that I am like him? Maybe the worst idea, it's really awkward and very uncomfortable you know, both the Sr. and Jr. shares a dark secret about sexuality, but I'm not totally like him, he's worst, he dragged Mom and Princess Irina as his cover. And even if I get married to a woman someday, I swear to God that I will not to turn out like my father.  Besides, I'm clean, I only loved a woman so far, I never dared to get involved in a same sex relationship, yep, I'm trying to live a heterosexual life, because I'm aware how bad it gets to your family in the future, seeing my pitiful my life today is the cause of my Dad's temptation. And shit, I'm in love with Eliza, fo
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Chapter 7 - Is it Love?
I put my best look and I even went to the salon to fix my hair. All of it because I asked Eliza to have a dinner date with me, and she agreed. Now I have to put aside what happened on the restaurant earlier with Dad and look forward on this date. I brought Eliza on a restaurant and as expected, she wore simple a black dress and it even sparkles, I can't take my eyes of her while walking towards me.  "Sorry I'm late" she said in a soft voice. "Oh no, I just got arrived too" "Mr. Darcy, isn't this restaurant too expensive for us? she whispered. "Look they even played violin for us" she added. I just smirked and laugh a little. "No, I availed their promo card" I said while showing her the card and she laugh. "That's cute, you know this is just my second time dining in a fancy restaurant, thank you for the invitation by the way." "Well thank you for coming t
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Chapter 8 - Three
I was never fond of traveling, but on my way to St. Albans, I felt that good thing will happen, it's been 10 months since I last visited this city. Last Christmas was celebrated in my Grandma Wilma's house at Hampstead, London but I didn't get a chance to visit here. I arrived at 7PM, I saw Ellie outside, playing or I think he's destroying his toys, Ellie is only 3 years old, he doesn't pretty aware of what's going on and I think he doesn't even know yet that I'm his brother. I'll do a hard stare at him, let's see if he will get scared if he notices me. "Hey..." he recognized me but he forgot my name. I just continued to stare at him until he gets scared. Now he's scared and rushing to go inside leaving his toys. He came back crying with mom. "Hey mom". I greet "Junior, it's you!" she said while hugging me. "Tha
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Chapter 9 - The Forbidden
Now, it's my time to ruin my Dad's illegal date, how could he advice me to date girl when he can't be faithful on his own wife. We had a breakfast, I noticed that he's rushing, so I have to catch him up, I ate fast and they noticed it too. "What's with the rush William and Junior.?" Grandma asked. "I have to go back to Milton and Cambridge early" Dad said. "But still no need to eat like a dog, look, the food is spilled everywhere in the table." Grandma scolded us. "Dad, I think I should come with you, I don't have enough money to pay for the fare back to Cambridge." His eyes widen and the food in his mouth almost fell out. "No, I'll give you your fare and extra allowance, just don't come with me, I'll ride at God's speed, too dangerous for you." he said uncomfortably. "That made no sense William, your son asking to at least fetch him to his place." Grandma is
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Chapter 10 - It's Gonna be Alright
So I waited Jim to arrive, quite worried about what he's going to say. When he arrived he was wearing his school uniform and I noticed that he has wound on his left hand.         "What happened to that?" I asked while pointing his wounded hand.         "I broke mom's most expensive vase yesterday" he said and nodded his head down         "By accident or it's your intention to break it?" He didn't respond so it means he intentionally did it. "Your Mom and Dad got into fight?" I asked and he looked at me.         "You met Dad? He's the one who told you right?"         "I went to St. Albans then went straight to Hampstead yesterday, your Dad was at Grandma's house, he just told us that they
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