Overshadowed stars

Overshadowed stars

By:  _a girl in blue_  Ongoing
Language: English
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She wears a mask everyday to hide her insecurities by being cheerful. She always felt inferior to her sister who's perfect in everything unlike her. Her life took a complete u turn when she met "Him"......AIDEN PARKER. He's the most handsome man she ever met. He's tall, handsome, hot, he's perfect. If only he hadn't been such a cocky, annoying and arrogant prick. "I haven't noticed it till now. Nice butt, you're looking hot." he commented making her feel annoyed than she already is. "Seriously!? I can't believe that you're flirting with me. Last time I remember, you were dying to get back with my sister." He winked at her instead of giving a reply, and that act alone made her scoff in disbelief. "What a cocky bastard he is!" She mumbled under her breathe. What would happen if they had to be in a relationship with each other? She's a person who always keeps watering her insecurities while he's a man who is just so full of himself. Will he help her to shine brighter?

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38 Chapters
Chapter 1 " Being her shadow"
 Amara slammed her glass on the bar counter for the 19th time after gulping down the hot unholy liquid called alcohol down her throat. The bartender is now scared of her as he recalled how devilish that girl looked when he tried to stop her from drinking further. He immediately grabbed the glass that was placed on the counter by her and refilled it. The girl kept looking at the glass which was now refilled with the poisonous and unholy substance that she hated before, but now she found it alluring to get all her thoughts vanish for a night. She lowered her head looking at the liquid she's about to take in and which resulted the strands of her hair to cover the beautiful face she's hiding. She tucked her hair revealing her face which was shining despite o
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Chapter 2 "The Open Offer"
"Close the curtains.... Clara." Amara groaned in her morning voice, stirring in the bed and shifting her position to the left as she covered herself with the duvet from the sunlight hitting her face. She shifted more on her left only to plummet on the floor and there goes her morning kiss to the floor.She opened her eyes wide and her sleep was long gone as she saw the walls surrounded were painted in black and the room was gloomy even though the sunlight making it brighter. Wait! Who the hell would paint their room black. No offence to the persons who love the color but still it looks so gloomy.And then she realized that it wasn't her room. It's not even Ashton's.."As long as I remember I kept drinking until that devilishly handsome dude came to me. Wait no............ Tha
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Chapter 3 "Ash"
Amara's pov"You know how worried she was. She called you many times. Where were you?" his deep husky voice echoed and I closed my eyes tightly realizing the fact that he's with her sister all night. Why the hell, Tim?"Don't worry, I slept at Ashton's, you know how clingy he can get sometimes. He wanted to spend time with me. So... I""You could have told your sister or me." Tim interrupted.What are you? my father? Why would I inform you about my whereabouts? I'm not a 5 year old girl. Wait does that mean he was worried too. I can't help but to get my mind clouded with all those thoughts."Your sister was t
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Chapter 4 "The Slap "
Amara's Pov"Where are they now!" I asked ash completely ignoring his advice to join hands with that bar guy. "Amy,  you're diverting the topic.""Ash you're diverting the topic too. Where are they?" I demanded seeing him nervous. He hesistanly said those words which hit me hard. "They went on a date!"I shouldn't cry over a guy who is soon to be my brother in law but it hurts when you see your crush is with someone else who is not you and that someone is your sister Damn.....that sucks. God has blessed me with tons of bad luck. Maybe I was the bad luck myself.
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Chapter 5 "Aid Park "
Amara's Pov"I dare you Simons, complete the word you will get to see my wrath." Ashton held my wrist but i kept looking at the floor ashamed of myself. He's right what would have happened if it wasn't a guy like aiden that night. I would be now filthy and I would be the exact word he was about to say HOE.He's right if Tim saw me in that way, does that mean all men saw me in that way too. That's why nobody liked me. Here I'm wondering why does no one takes interest in me. This is the reason...I look like a "WHORE, SLUT, CHEAP AND EASY". I felt sick in my stomach I wanted to throw up realizing that I'm the filth myself.I thought being a bad girl just for a night wouldn
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Chapter 6 "Cocky Muscular Guinea Pig"
Amara's pov"Can you please give me an explanation mister!" I crossed my arms placing them under my chest and tried to look as serious as possible,......... but I failed seeing him pouting like a baby. Who would expect that Ashton Ryder is such a baby when he's not angry."He's speaking nonsense about you, and I couldn't control myself. And........ wait you're still bleeding." he sprinted up from the couch which was three seater and went to some where to get a first aid kit I guess.........I forgot that I got a cut and it was bleeding slightly. I'm a frequent visitor and I know his house very well. I sighed looking at the luggage kept beside the couch where I sat, I leaned back closing my eyes and a sigh automatically came out of
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Chapter 7 "Not interested in Men, Sorry"
Amara's pov"Are you Miss Rivers? Mr. Parker is waiting for you in his room." The guy in the butler attire spoke with his expression less face. It's not his fault that I got the wrong idea about his words. It's my perverted mind that is thinking pervertedly. What do you mean by he's waiting for me in his room? It's for a talk............... Right?! Yeah it should be."I will go talk to him you wait here. OK." Ashton said but when he was about to get up from his seat we heard that handsome butler speaking again. "Mr. Parker asked for Miss. Amara Rivers alone sir!" OK........ But I'm not in a position to talk with him right now. I'm nervous. "She can't! I will ta
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Chapter 8 "Butler and Master "
Amara's povI saw that Derek guy sleeping on the sofa comfortably with his head on the head rest and his both legs were placed on the table before him. Why is he sleeping in his working hours? Is that even allowed. That was a three seater sofa! Wait there is a difference between a couch and a sofa! A couch is smaller than a sofa with no arms. I'm saying it with confidence because I goggled it a while ago. Just to know things. I mean I love to learn things.
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Chapter 9 "Official Meeting "
                         Amara's pov"OK Amara you can do it! Inhale, exhale. Inhale and exhale. Now push!" I said to myself as a mantra placing my hand on the handle of the door which clearly said. "Push".
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Chapter 10 "Who is She?"
                         Amara's pov
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