Titania: The Werewolves' Hero

Titania: The Werewolves' Hero

By:  Erza18  Ongoing
Language: English
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A hunter who is also her mentor, a werewolf who is her long lost childhood best friend, who will win Titania's heart? As the hatred between humans and werewolves growing, will Titania, the alpha's daughter be able to break the loop of revenge?Note: In this book, you will also read the Love Stories of Jeston & Alexa, Travis & Sofia, our supporting characters.Warning: This Book Features Mature Content [R-18] You have been warned. Read at your own risk.

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79 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Day of Transformation
Titania and Travis circled each other, each one waiting and anticipating who would attack first.They were grinning at the tension they had created in the area. Suddenly, Titania leaped forward with a balled fist, charging to Travis.But Travis used his super sense of sight to see her incoming movement. He successfully dodged her attack."Too slow Baby Girl," Travis said as he clicked his tongue and shook his head.Titania shot him a cold glare as she continued her advances, throwing two and three punches aiming at his face and body.Seeing Titania's annoyed expression as she could not land any punch against him, a smug smile appeared on his face."Baby girl, is that all you've got?" Travis could not help himself but chuckle."Shut up. Don't call me Baby Girl!" Titania shouted in annoyance."You are just dodging my attack. Fight back, you, Moron!" Titania challenged him.Travis's expression changed immediately when he heard her calling him 'Moron.''Good, now he looks serious.' Titania
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Chapter 2: Failure
She knew something was not right. She opened her eyes to see the gloomy expressions of the pack members who surrounded her.She turned to look at her mother... her father... and her brother. All of them had the same concerned and worried expressions as they looked at her.The entire area was engulfed with deafening silence. Others were puzzled about this unusual event.This was the first time that the transformation ritual took longer like this. One of the elders approached Titania who was still kneeling inside the circle."How do you feel right now? Can you feel your super senses now?" She asked her softly. She looked at her intently.Titania could not utter a word. She just shook her head. The elder sighed deeply. Then she placed her right hand on Titania's forehead.Since a werewolf could share its thoughts with other werewolves, the elder was trying to communicate with Titania's wolf.As time went by, Titania became more anxious and afraid. She could not shake the uneasy feeling in
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Chapter 3: She Left the Pack
The sun rose bright and fair as the next morning came. Titania acted normal, even cheerful as if nothing happened.But once she was inside her room, her smile faded quickly, revealing her true emotions.Because after everything that happened last midnight, deep inside her, she was not okay.She did her daily routine, greeting her fellow pack members, attending classes, and training.She smiled, she laughed and she interacted with them, showing them that she was not affected.But she could still feel that they were in doubt. She noticed their strange gaze and heard them talking in low voices.She knew they were talking about her, about her failed transformation. But she pretended not to care.She thought she could stand it for a long time but she was wrong. After three days, she could not act anymore. She could not face other members of their pack.She decided to stay at home for the following days. She stopped attending classes. She stopped attending the pack's training.Travis could n
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Chapter 4: Hunters Association Academy
Inside the dark cold prison, there was an unconscious man, with his hands and feet were restrained and stretched by metal cuffs forming an X pattern.There were claw marks in his entire body, long and very deep. Fresh blood seeped out from his wounds.The weak movement of his chest was the only sign that the man was still alive."Alpha Jason, we were done torturing that hunter. What should we do next?" one of the men inside asked.A sinister smile appeared on the face of a man who was called Alpha Jason."What else, of course, send him to the other world where his dead comrades are waiting for him."Then a burst of demonic laughter echoed in the room."Why kill him right away. We can still use him to lure other hunters." A man in a black cloak appeared."Oh, you are here Dy. As expected to my vicious but wise right-hand man...werewolf rather." Alpha Jason said
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Chapter 5: Ethan Sparks
Upon entering the Hunters Association Academy, Titania made sure to survey her surroundings.Since it was considered one of the prestigious academies in the world, it really looked like one.The academy had a large area inside. In front, Titania could see the football field where several students were playing.'Oh, I thought this is a training ground for hunters. It seems like students here could also enjoy playing sports.' She thought to herself.There were lots of buildings inside the campus, some were two-story, some were three-story and the highest building was an eight-story building."Wow, this academy is pretty cool." She gasped in surprise.Titania's eyes were roaming around the area but she made sure that she would not lose the one she was following in front.She smiled again as she remembered how this guy helped her to enter this academy.'I need to thank him.'
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Chapter 6: Council Meeting
Alpha Tristan Eros, the current leader of White Claw Pack, after his daughter left their pack, he called for a council meeting.That council meeting was not about searching for his missing daughter or should we say his daughter who ran away from home.There was something more important than that which made him call all council members for an emergency meeting."Alpha Tristan, the elders, and the council members just arrived." His right-hand beta informed him."Tell them to enter."The elders and the council members greeted their alpha as soon as they entered the hall.After giving them a signal, everyone proceeded to their assigned places to sit down."I know you are wondering why I call you today. I have some important matters to discuss with you all." Tristan said to them. They just nodded at him."Don't worry, this is not about my little girl who ran away from home."
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Chapter 7: First Class
With the help of Jeston, Titania became officially a student of the Hunters Association Academy.She was really happy about that. She felt like she was making progress. She also thought that hunters were not that bad.Ethan Spark was a hunter but he helped her even though he never knew her.Jeston also helped her process everything in order for her to become a student of this academy without asking for any return.'My father was right. Humans are not bad. They are just afraid of werewolves because we are different from them.'"That is the reason I am here. I must correct their misconception about us werewolves."Titania was also surprised when she learned the benefits of being a student in this academy.Unlike other schools, here at Hunters Association Academy, she did not need to pay for her tuition or any school fee.Everything was free, her uniform, her books, her dormitory and she would al
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Chapter 8: Arguments Between A Teacher and A Student
"No, I am not your classmate. I am your teacher for today." Ethan replied to the child."Oh... good morning teacher!" They greeted him. Ethan just nodded at them. He was not good at handling children.That was the reason why he was really mad early this morning when he learned that he was assigned to the class of the younger ones.'Hmm, so Ethan is one of the teachers here in the academy.' Titania thought to herself.She smiled and sat down to her seat. Titania noticed that something was off with Ethan today.'Is he tense or nervous? But why? Hmm, maybe it is just my imagination.'Ethan cleared his throat before he began his class."Okay, class. At what lesson or chapter did you stop last time?""About werewolves sir, Chapter 2." one child answered. Ethan nodded and he picked up the book and opened it to Chapter 3.Titania raised her brows.'Is this how Ethan teaches the children? If someone answered his question, he should acknowledge him or say something like okay, thank you, very go
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Chapter 9: Unending Cycle of Revenge
When the two men entered a room, Titania did not hesitate to come also. She did not ask for permission.She just followed them inside besides they did not notice her. There were ten persons inside the room, or should we say eleven, because Titania was also there.Titania followed Ethan and Jeston's line of sights, only to see a picture of a wounded man bathing in his own blood. It was being flashed on the big screen inside that room.Titania gasped because of that terrible sight. Then Ethan noticed her.'What is she doing here?' Ethan frowned when he saw Titania's shock and frightened expression."Who is that?" What happened to him?" She could not help himself but mumble. Ethan did not answer her. He just warned her to keep quiet.One of the persons inside who was standing beside the big screen spoke up to give others the detail of that picture."This is Samuel Jones, one of our hunte
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Chapter 10: Troublesome Siblings
Minutes later, she finished fixing herself and left her room. Ethan was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed while waiting for her.Ethan's lips curled into a half-smile upon seeing her. She looked better now compared to her haggard face when she opened her door for him a while ago.When they reached the school cafeteria, Titania looked at him like daggers."You are confident saying that this is your treat. So shameless... our food here is free. How can you say that this is your treat?!!"Ethan scowled at her as he warned her "Can you lower your voice? We are not the only one here.""You are the most shameless teacher I have ever met." Titania continued to rant at him in a low voice.Ethan regretted inviting this girl for dinner. She could really annoy him in different ways."Alright... Alright. Stop complaining. Did you hear what Jeston said yesterday right? My bank accounts we
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