Pack Wars

Pack Wars

By:  Rasa  Ongoing
Language: English
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When the Blood Moon Alpha dies, his eldest son is to become the next Alpha. When Shaun takes over and must find a Luna, he chooses one of ordinary bloodline, which starts a war between packs looking to take back power. His sister, Allie-Jean joins him in the fight to keep peace in the land, but they could never prepare for what’s to come.

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4 Chapters
An Unordinary Marriage
*Allie-Jean’s POV*“So many packs will be here tonight.” My brother’s eyes were darting nervously around his bedroom as he started to move everything around without purpose. Our pack, Blood Moon, was anxious and the energy around the house was worse than that. I couldn’t be bothered. I was only 17 years old and still had a year before I could marry and start my own life. My older brother Shaun was another story. This was his last chance to find his Luna before the throne would be given to our youngest brother. I wasn’t worried, though, because Shaun had many different suitors.I pretended I was helping by wiping down an already clean nightstand with a piece of Kleenex. “Why are you so worried, my brother?” I asked. I regretted my decision when Shaun ran up to me and began shaking my shoulders. “I haven’t found my mate yet, Allie-Jean, and now I have to pick someone I might not want to.”My brother had been searching for his mate for the last four years when he had taken the title of A
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A Wolf Knows
*Shaun’s POV* The tension in the room was almost unbearable. I brought Elise around the room introducing her to people of power she had probably never met, including the most important member of the counsel. Dudley Evans was the head of the Wolf Counsel and the most respected in all of our lands. He was tall and lanky with arms that seemed to stretch on and on. His eyes were all white. It was said that he had fought with the Winter Goddess herself and she had taken his sight, but amazingly, Dudley could see just fine. His hair was long and gray, strung back into a ponytail that didn’t seem to move as he floated around the room. When he approached us, he kissed Elise’s hand, leaving a wet shine of saliva on it when she pulled away. He smiled a toothy grin at both of us. “Pleasure, Luna Elise.” I was surprised at how easy he was taking my marriage to someone who was not of Alpha blood. I saw Allie-Jean wave Elise over and she politely excused herself from our conversation. “Might I a
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As Long as We Are One
*Jaedon’s POV* “You’re saying war?” My best friend and Beta, Peter Normandy raised his eyebrows at me. Peter and I had met when we were children. Our pack, Snow Creek, had taken over his own pack Everforest. Now, the remaining joined us and pledged their loyalty. It hasn’t been a terrible thing for them though. We didn’t have to kill anyone. Their Alpha had been sick and the sickness was spreading. He asked us to take over the healthy of their pack so it wouldn’t have to die off. Our Alpha at the time obliged. My hands were sweaty and I brushed them off on the red velvet armrest of the chair I was seated in. The room was a large meeting room in the pack house. Peter was swishing around the dark brown liquid in his glass. It was bourbon. He carefully poured me a glass and handed it off to me. I could see the confusion in his eyes as he finished his glass off and set it down. “You’re married, too?” Peter leaned against the wall, running his hands through his shoulder-length blonde hai
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*Allie-Jean’s POV*I had no experience in combat. I had never fought in my wolf form or even in my human form. All of the other girls had been trained since they were younger, instead of schooling as my home pack had done. We believed that we were safe. We were relatively peaceful, so our men being trained would be enough. Now, we weren’t guaranteed our safety and I worried for my home pack, who hadn’t ever really taken combat training seriously.“Allie-Jean. I’m going to pair you up with Kassie.” Bailey wasted no time. There were quiet giggles from the girls and I looked around until a small wolf came out of the crowd. Kassie looked young and her eyes darted nervously as she made her way to me. Her fur was fluffy, an obvious tell that she was young.She didn’t smile or introduce herself, just looked down at the ground as Bailey paired everyone up.“Okay!” Bailey shouted. “We’re going to just get right into it. It’s important for you to learn your weaknesses and strengths. I’ll be goi
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