Palmer's Dance

Palmer's Dance

By:  Kiara Colón  Completed
Language: English
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Christopher Melbourne is a teenager who has suffered from bullying due to his albinism, a condition that causes the person to have little or no melanin on their skin.After the passing of his father and his mother’s divorce to his stepfather, they move from the city to the countryside in search of a fresh start. He will face challenges while becoming friends with the most popular dancer in school.Palmer Wright is wild, outgoing and talented. She is wanted by the quarterback of the high school team, but her type of boy goes far from that. She wants something or someone unique but in her small town, that would be hard to find. Until one certain shy boy will catch her attention, making her want to be his friend instantly. Will she bring him out of that shell or will he stay in the dark? And will love flourish?

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??? great book, finished it finally ?
2020-11-22 09:25:30
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Candi Ali
awe sweet love they should make a movie beautifully written thank you
2020-09-20 01:35:16
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Michael Shelby
This looks very intriguing. I expect no less from a dashing author like yourself. keep it up while I feast my eyes with more if your awesome chapters.?
2020-08-26 12:50:14
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I like this, i wish I have more coins to unlock, might try to buy later. ?❤️
2020-08-22 13:39:02
52 Chapters
Fresh Start
New York City. The city that never sleeps. Where everyone is always rushing to their destination, and no one seems to stop to breathe. For them, life was chaotic and busy, but not for Christopher Melbourne. His life was different because he was unique. At seventeen years old, he had already gone through so much in life. His father had passed away from cancer when he was just seven years old, and his mother had divorced from his step-father. He was also constantly bullied and harassed in school. Christopher suffered from albinism. His skin was as pale as the winter snow, and his icy blue eyes almost disappeared under his white lashes. His bleach blond hair made him the laughing stock with his classmates, and they would call him many names—Milky boy, Snow White, and even the Ice Queen, to name a few. He would spend his days alone inside his home, looking out the window, wishing for a better life. Christopher was close to graduating high school, but he wouldn’t finish it in the cit
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Burgers and Shakes
Grace and Christopher arrived at their new home. It was small and quaint, but had the prospect of being a good place to live. They got out of the car and looked at it. The joy in Grace’s face was indescribable, and she was excited to start their new life in such a beautiful town. Christopher could see how happy moving to Montana had made her. He decided he would try to be understanding and work it out; for both their sakes. Putting his hands in his pockets, he slowly walked inside, studying their new home. It was furnished and decorated, not modern, but he liked the homey feeling it gave. The living room had a fireplace in the middle, and he already imagined spending the winter nights in front of it with hot chocolate in his hands while telling jokes to his mother. He shook his head. What was he thinking? As much as he would try, he cannot make this place his home because he was afraid to be in a new environment. “What do you think?” Grace asked with a glint in her eyes. Shrug
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Horse Talk
Christopher stood in the backyard, looking at the fields that ran for miles. He finished settling in his room and just waited for his mom to arrive from town. “Dad, give me the strength to start this new life, please. Don’t let anyone bully me or make my life harder,” he pleaded as he looked at the beautiful landscape in front of him. The sun was setting, giving the cornfields that golden-looking color that he has only witnessed on TV. He never thought he would see something like it in person, and he surprisingly enjoyed it. His mother’s car pulled into the driveway and he walked to the front porch to greet her. “Help me with some bags, Chris. I ended up making a big purchase on groceries,” she laughed. Christopher shook his head, knowing how his mother loved buying extra things. It was some sort of compulsion, even though she didn’t spend her money on frivolous things. It was all for their own benefit. He helped carry the groceries to the kitchen before Grace handed him the burge
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Horse Ride
Six o’clock in the morning; Christopher had woken up to the sound of roosters singing, bringing a smile on his face. It was a better sound compared to the noisy neighbors and cars in the city. He got out of his bed and planned to enjoy a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. “Christopher! Breakfast is ready!” Grace called from the kitchen. Even his mother was trying to get used to waking up early. Country life, he thought. After enjoying a quick, warm shower, he put on some jeans and a black t-shirt before heading downstairs, ready to have a delicious meal. As he walked into the kitchen, he noticed Sheriff Fisher sitting on the kitchen island stool as he sipped on some coffee. “Good morning, sport,” he greeted while Christopher shook his hand. It confused him why the sheriff was in his house so early in the morning. Grace noticed his hesitation and tried to divert him into getting some pancakes and bacon. “I invited Thomas for breakfast to thank him for welcoming us into town,” sh
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Trip to Town
All three friends were riding along the trails, but Gunner had to leave. His father texted him, needing help on his ranch. He had to be there to get the horses ready for his next rodeo. “Do you want me to drop you off at home?” he asked Faith, who was looking at her friend, curiously. She shook her head, politely rejecting his offer. “No, I will stay with Palmer for a little longer,” she replied. Gunner pulled his horse near hers, raising his hand to put a curl of hair behind her ear, causing goosebumps on her skin as she felt his hands brush her earlobe gently. “Take care,” Gunner said before he headed towards the Wright's ranch to drop the horse off. As he was riding away, Faith couldn’t help but gaze at him. She couldn’t deny how handsome the track star looked on that horse. Why was she still fighting her feelings for him? It was fun to argue with him and to play hard to get. That much Faith knew. But she was also afraid to think it could be too late by the time she finally a
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They Meet
It was Monday morning. The alarm went off, letting Christopher know it was his first day at his new school. He groaned loudly, getting out of bed to take a shower and get dressed. “Are you ready for school?” Grace asked as she saw Christopher walk into the kitchen, dragging his feet. “Yes, I am. A little nervous, though,” Christopher replied, taking the bacon with some eggs. “Some boys were making fun of me when we were in town, and I’m afraid of seeing them at school. They might do the same.” “Oh, Chris. Don’t pay them any mind. Remember, you have to ignore whatever comments they say, or you will live in fear all your life. We’re starting fresh, and I want you to think about it.” Easier said than done. Christopher finished his breakfast and headed to the bus stop in front of his house, thinking of those words. Not long after, they picked him up and he sat on the last seat at the back, staying away from everyone else. He could hear the other students murmuring, and despite not hea
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Pulled Over
Palmer was quiet the whole ride, and even inside the diner, she didn’t say a word while she played with her spoon in the vanilla ice cream they served with the apple pie. “Palmer, what’s wrong?” Daisy asked, pulling her out of her thoughts.“I finally met Christopher, and when I invited him to join us, he rejected the offer,” she replied, taking a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. Daisy chuckled, making Palmer look at her like she was crazy. She looked down at her pie and poked on it hard until it turned into mush.“Sweetheart, you just met him, and it must have been an overwhelming first day for him. Especially in a new school. Give him some time, stop rushing into things.”“Well, he looks like he needs fri
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The next day at school, Gunner and Faith were waiting for Palmer once again at the entrance. Gunner was leaning against his truck while Faith was in front of him with her arms crossed.“Come on, Faith. Why don’t you accept and go out with me? There is a barn party on Saturday, and I would love it if you were my date,” he pleaded while she looked away, not paying attention to him. Faith wanted him to work a little harder to convince her. “I’m actually going with a guy from the rodeo,” she said, turning around so he couldn’t see the smirk on her face. All she needed was a reaction, and it seemed like she was going to get it.“Who is it? I want to know,” he said, his voice sounded upset. Faith had to press her lips to hold back a laugh, and when she was serious enough, she turned back around to face him.“You don’t know him, he likes to be on the down-low, and no one really knows much about him. He uses a different name on the rodeo, and he is very handsome. Oh, and he’s in college alrea
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The school day was over, and the three friends were walking towards the exit. Palmer saw Christopher waiting in line to get on the school bus, and she headed over after she told her goodbyes to Faith and Gunner.“Hey!” She greeted him, and all he could do was give her a small smile.“Hey, yourself.”“I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at my ranch. We have horses, and we can ride them around,” Palmer mentioned, hoping he would say yes. “I don’t think it’s a good idea. My mom is probably waiting for me to help with dinner,” he replied when Palmer’s cell phone rang. James was on the other line. He gave her the news that Misty was finally in position, which meant she would give birth at any moment. She squealed excitedly and turned to face Christopher, pulling him towards her mom’s car. Getting away from her would be impossible.“I’ll miss the bus home, and my mom will wonder where I’m at.”Palmer asked him to give her their phone number, and he hesitantly did. She didn’t waste ti
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Rude To Her
“Hello, Palmer,” Hunter approached her as she was putting some books on her locker. Palmer had to fight the urge to roll her eyes at his presence.“Hi, Hunter. What can I help you with?” She asked, closing her locker door and walking towards her classroom. Hunter walked next to her, trying to make conversation. “I was wondering since the barn party is this Saturday, and you have agreed on a date; maybe we could go together?” He asked, showing her a flirtatious smile. Palmer sucked in a breath as she turned around to face him.“I’m sorry, but I’ll be going with Faith and Gunner, and we also invited Christopher,” she replied. Hunter looked at her with narrowed eyes before he laughed.“You mean to tell me you’re going out with that, that gallon of milk?”“Watch your mouth, Hunter. I better not hear you talk about him that way again, and you know what? I don’t want to go out on a date with you anymore.”Palmer walked away before he said another word. She was upset and didn’t even want to
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