Passions Rising: A Forbidden Vampiric Love Story

Passions Rising: A Forbidden Vampiric Love Story

By:  Klaira Blains  Completed
Language: English
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This spicy tale has you hot steamy nights, bloody battles, palace intrigue, and a forbidden love that will last the ages. Adriana Gervais (Ana), 3rd Daughter of Emperor Franco Centauri Gervais, the Blood Demon, is the new Vampiric Empire’s Ambassador. George Atwood, son of a soldier, has risen through the ranks of the emperor’s forces with a vengeance. He’s been tasked to keep the Ana alive. What could go wrong? George has watched Ana as she combat trains, loving it entirely too much. Everything about her makes him fall a little harder. That’s the problem, if anyone finds out he lusts for her, they'd suffer a fatal punishment. Ana’s first impression is no less than George’s. She’s aware of the dangers if a courtier catches on. It could result in blackmail or death. Ana is part of the Elite caste. George is part of the Guardian caste. No one’s life partner comes from a different caste, even if they’re fated. So, says the law. Ana has no interest in the throne or ruling. Her parents haven’t instructed her like her sisters. Yet she’s still bound to the caste system and laws. Wearing leather and combat boots, instead of silk and stilettos Ana loves to thumb her nose at tradition, even if she can’t at the caste system. Things get dicey for the two when they must resist the sparks of passion when they first meet in the emperor’s presence and as time goes on it doesn’t get any better. Travel back to when Ana was nineteen and rebellious. See their forbidden love begin and how it burns over time. Will they survive the court intrigue, murder plots, and fate that complicates their lives. Cover by Getcovers.

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153 Chapters
Prologue One - Adriana Gervais - 19 yrs old
Adriana Gervais, third daughter of the Emperor of the Vampiric Empire, was a mouthful for anyone to say. Privately, anyone who knew her called her Ana, because it fit her better. At six feet talk with a wild mane of auburn hair and skin that glowed under moonlight, she wasn’t someone that needed an impressive name or title. Ana wasn’t delicate like her sisters or mother in appearance. No, she was the spitting image of the female form of her father, Emperor Franco Centauri Gervais, the Emperor of the Vampiric Empire, the Blood Demon Himself. Ana’s claim to fame was her personality because it didn’t go with her appearance at all. She’d cultivated it like that. It was a protest against everything her mother and sisters were. The heir was Ana’s sister, Tatiana Gervais, and don’t you dare call Tatiana, Ana, that was criminal? Highly insulting to Tatiana and her delicate nature. That explanation always made Ana snicker. Her eldest sister was a crazed vipe
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Prologue Two - Adriana Gervais - 19 yrs old
Ana was too tired right now to fight and if this Count was coming with multiple eligible sons, her mother would insist, she be there. “I just got back from a training session, a rather long one, and now you want me to rush around to get ready for a dinner with yet more strangers who couldn’t be bothers to come to a party you set for a week ago? Oh right, he wants to impress our father for some favour, doesn’t he? So now we have to trot out looking all cute and fake to play host to his sons, too.”“Adriana, you might not be in a hurry to find a decent life partner, but I’m more than ready. Now stop being a bitter old maid and chop chop. Get a move on, father doesn’t have to allow Count Saint Germane this time, and if you dare to embarrass us this time, I won’t protect you from father’s wrath.” Tatiana’s nasally voice penetrated the bathroom through the open door. It was an annoying experience, being unable to get any privacy whatsoever when changing.“Of course, mother claims they are
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Chapter One - George Atwood - 23 yrs old
George was called up through the ranks of the Royal Guards, fairly quickly. He excelled at what he did and succeeded at almost everything they tasked him to do. He’d been here a month now and worked his butt off to make a good impression on his seniors. But he had one difficulty that he didn’t dare tell anyone about. How distracting it was for him to train a short distance away from the youngest daughter of the Emperor. He could watch her move for hours. No one had caught him yet, or guessed that he’d love to take a taste of her. The mental images of what he wanted to do to her were more than pornographic. They were downright sinful, and he suspected they’d both enjoy them. George knew that would never happen. She may train here, but she was not of the Guardian caste. He must remember that. There would be nothing between them ever, there couldn’t be. Her father forbade a long time ago, with a punishment of death for anyone who found their life partn
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Chapter Two - Adriana Gervais - 19 yrs old
“It’s about time you arrived, Adriana. I see your mother found you and you’re ready for our guests.” “Yes, your Eminence.” Ana remembered only once calling him father, and it hadn’t gone well with him. Their relationship wasn’t intimate at all. If anything, he tolerated her presence. Ana didn’t remember a time when he’d even touched her, let alone hugged or kissed her. She received no words of praise or affection at all. She felt like she could have been anyone or no one to him. Was she bitter? No, jealous of others who could turn to their family in times of need. Yes, she was. It was another reason she didn’t fight for her place to learn how to be the ruler of the Vampiric Empire. To her, the Empire could fall tomorrow, and she would sigh a sigh of relief. Why was the guard looking at her like that? She wasn’t used to men looking at her like they wanted to eat her up. It was flattering and uncomfortable at the same time. Well,
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Chapter Three - Adriana Gervais - 19 yrs old
Adriana watched Edgar calmly pick up a few things from his desk, give her a quick bow of respect before he too shuffled after her father. Now, she wasn’t alone with the new guard. Damit! She was stuck with him from now on, a bodyguard who would harm her. No one in their right mind would come after her. She wasn’t even an afterthought because her sisters took the spotlight all the time. Which was fine for Ana. She even let them think it hurt her. She didn’t want that at all. But she fully expected her father to ignore her petition for this position. Was she that much trouble around here and a reminder of how useless a third child was to his grand scheme of things that he needed to remove her from everything she knew? Oh, did she have daddy issues and none of them were fun in the least? She sighed heavily and looked at the thick folder in her hands. She had less than two days to review this folder, meet her staff, entourage, and now security. Then get
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Chapter Four - Adriana Gervais - 19 yrs old
It was all in the portfolio. Someone compiled this very well for the Emperor, and she could almost see the fear in the person’s soul as they put pen to paper while laying this out. Now she needed to get the interviews done to know whether she could trust them. Ana knew she could work with people, but that didn’t mean she would trust them. That was all part of the Vampiric court. Backstabbing was everyone’s specialty, and she doubted it would differ from where she was going. Well, at least, among her staff. Someone would be charged with getting the dirt on her and telling the Emperor. Another would do the same thing for her mother. They would leave Ana in the dark about it until she did something unforgivable. Speaking of doing something unforgivable, what was she to do about that walking tasty treat of man the Emperor put in control of her safety? She highly doubted he put them together to encourage them to play with each other in the manner she was s
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Chapter Five - George Atwood - 23 yrs old
There was no way he could stay in the room without him doing something completely foolish. They also were running out of time, and he didn’t want the emperor to become upset with his incompetence. “Alright, just don’t tell anyone that I changed them. Poor Mary had so much to clean up in here. My mother can be so thoughtless at times. Well, I guess there’s an end in sight for that. Once we leave here, I won’t have to deal with her or my sisters. You didn’t hear me say that, understand? I shouldn’t be telling any of this to you at all.” George held the door open for Ana and she stepped from her apartment. “Next time, I believe you need to stay outside of my apartments. It doesn’t look right if you enter with me and we’re alone.” She said to him after she ensured there was no one in the corridor to see them both exiting her apartments. “I understand. We will work this one out in time. All you need to do is bring any of your concerns to me and we can fin
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Chapter Six - George Atwood - 23 yrs old
Adriana powered through dinner conversation with a surprising skill and wit that George found fascinating. He would have enjoyed listening to her speak for hours. Alexi, however, appeared to prefer the sound of his own voice and opinion. She eventually backed out of the conversation and pretended to listen as she finished the last course before dessert was served. It was torture to watch Alexi finally smile at Adriana and whisper he wished she was the dessert instead of the sweet young thing offering him her wrist willingly. Adriana glared at him and said nothing as her fangs sank into the wrist of the young man standing beside her chair. These were humans from the feeder caste, humans who willingly gave of themselves for the survival of all other castes. Nameless members of society, yes there were laws against feeding too deeply and if death accidentally occurred, there were laws to deal with that as well.But what Alexi inferred was something that
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Chapter Seven - Adriana Gervais - 19 yrs old
Ana threw open the doors to her apartment as she stormed into it and threw herself into a gilt chair. Her face was a storm cloud of mixed emotion. Just her luck that her father and everyone else heard her side of the conversation and none of that asshole’s. Now she’s gone and screwed it all up. “I’m the one that gets punished when he’s the one that tells me I’m not good enough to marry. Then he gets the bright idea that I can be his mistress. This is not fair in the least. If the emperor thinks, I’ll accept that he’s got another thing coming.” Ana was fuming. “If he thinks I’ll degrade myself like that, then he’s deluding himself. I’ll leave before I do that. I’ll… I’ll turn my back on this place and everyone in it.” “Princess, I believe your father is avoiding you so that you both can speak after you’re both calmer.” “Oh, it doesn’t work that way. I can’t believe he wouldn’t hear me out. That was entirely unreasonable.” “He’
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Chapter Eight - George Atwood - 23 yrs old
The electricity that flowed between them, even if we didn’t lock eyes, was there and it went straight to his dick. It was almost a relief when the bathroom door suddenly shut behind her. He had to get himself in order. Her father, the emperor, could appear at any time and the gig would be up before he laid down his punishment on Adriana. The goddess preserve him, this wasn’t fair. He’d never reacted like this to any female before. He had to retract his fangs consciously. Her flesh was just so tempting at that close of range. There was no way she couldn’t feel it. Not by the way she slammed that door. Her scent filled the room, and it did nothing to help him calm down. He had to take himself out to the balcony for fresh air. How was this going to work? They needed boundaries, and one of them was not close contact. That was obvious. Touching Adriana was like touching a live wire. It shocked his system to life, and all he wanted to
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