Perer Ford: Diary of a Stranger

Perer Ford: Diary of a Stranger

By:  Chibuzor Victor Obih  Completed
Language: English
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Perer Ford is the smartest guy in school and at home. He has a weird way of making things go right. It is his final year in senior secondary school and he tries to make everything go perfect before leaving for the university. A funny and exciting diary about his experiences, struggle and life on the edge of adulthood.

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146 Chapters
September 1
Imagine a life where everything you ever wished for could be given to you at your own request. Just imagine! Try to think of it for a second and feel the wonderful nature of such a life. Well, that is the kind of life I always dreamt of, the kind of life I told my parents existed, somewhere, lost in the shadows of the universe.My name is Perer not Peter. I know you may be wondering how the hell I got such an awkward name. Well, you don't have to wonder for too long. I will give you the opportunity to do something quick and simple. Take a pen and write my name. Then, switch the middle letter in my name Peter and change it to the letter "r." That is simple, right? Yeah, it is.My full name is Perer Ford. Read that well. Perer Ford. And I am a crazy teen who likes to have a lot of fun. Even though I may not fit your perfect description of a perfect teenager or a boy with a six pack and a broad chest, I bet I can easily fit into your world, but I will leave that for you t
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September 4
It was roughly ten minutes past four, early in the morning and still dark, when I woke up to someone touching my feet.I know it may feel weird when you are having a crazy dream about falling from the top of a treehouse, and when it seems you are about to land and crash on the ground, you suddenly realize you are on your bed with an intruder romancing your feet. That is how I felt when my cold feet came in contact with foreign hands. I groaned and mumbled to myself, half asleep."Perer!" I jerked fully alert at the sound of the treacherous voice above me. It was my sister."Christle!" I said in surprise, aware that she had arrived from a night party.In case you are thinking about her name and feel it is odd and awkward, you are not alone in your silent quest. I feel the same way too. Sometimes, I try to accept a very funny idea I brought up which I think is true. It has something to do with her naming ceremony. I think my parents were probably excited th
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September 7
 Well, after spending the last three days watching TV and reading short stories about kids who had lost their way home, I was really excited that I would finally be doing something I have always had in mind for a while — going to the park.The problem with making yourself believe in someone is that you never give yourself the opportunity to consider the other options available in the table. What if they let me down? What if they don't show up when I need them? What if I don't get the chance to make my dream come into reality and have some fun? You don't consider all the questions I mentioned above because your mind has been programmed to accept the fact that your desires will come to pass and nothing else. I think there is a term for that condition, but I don't know what it is anyway and I am not in the mood to think about it.Today, I just sat on the couch, in our not too large sitting room. My Dad's phone was close by — a few cen
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September 10
I have been grounded for three days now. Dad made me to wash his car three times today without showing me any compensation by dropping a few wad of notes in my palm. I guess it is my punishment for assuming my sister was the female caller and deciding to take adult matters into my own hands.A lot of people say that curiosity always kills the cat. I don't know if it is true or not. All I know is that I was a curious person who wasn't a cat or a cat lover. Actually, I hate cats. Those creatures never seem to understand when they need to be in their own personal space. Yesterday, when I went to the public dump site to empty some trash, I saw a cat searching for something in a black sack. Whatever it was looking for was none of my business. I was only concerned about its bright eyes that kept on staring at me in the dark. Why can't it just take what it wants and leave me alone?It took moments of bravery and self motivation before I got the confidence to actually look thr
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September 12
Mum was feeling sick today but luckily she got well after taking some tablets of paracetamol. Initially, I was planning on cancelling my plans with Dad's ex-girlfriend but the thoughts of actually getting to know what she and Dad did couldn't leave my head.Yesterday, after Dad woke me up to wash his car, I mistakenly came across some crumpled papers in the passenger's seat. Believe me, I saw some weird stuffs about jumping down a bridge or digging up a grave. I don't know what Dad was doing with those kind of stuffs in his car but what got my attention was an address written on a piece of old office papers. It was the same address that Sarah gave to me. Whether Dad was cheating on Mom with Sarah, I was going to find out soon.Sarah called my Mum's phone back after I called her and told her to call me in ten minutes time. Her voice was as lively as before. Full of a lot of expectations."Hello!" I said."Hi! What are you doing today?" Sarah asked as if sh
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September 16
Today, as I came out of the bathroom and ate my breakfast of hot tea and bread, Mum sat on the couch watching an early morning diet show on the TV. I can't remember the name of the show but I know it has something to do with eating fruits everyday. Maybe it is called: Eating fruits with Damian John. If you are wondering why I came up with that name, it is obvious that the lead presenter of the show was Damian John!Today was like any other morning— boring, almost as if the big heavenly beings in the sky were hearing my cries everyday and making it worst. The time I spent with Sarah didn't change anything. All I could gather was that Dad was still keeping in touch with her even though he had angrily sent her out of our home in the name of preserving his name in front of me. Well, as far as I knew now, I can't say if he is cheating on Mum. I will have to fix another meeting with her before the end of this week if I were to figure out that."Perer," Mum called me an
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September 21
 My big sister came today with a lot of smiles in her face and a big demand for money. You are free to call her Christle.Anyway, I am starting to wonder if I should get mad at her for holding my money for too long or ask Clag's parents for their son's whereabouts. It is almost a week now and Clag was yet to return my soccer boots.The other day, after I was done exercising in the morning, I saw Clag's Mum trying to cut the short grasses in their front yard and after moments of desperately trying to get her attention, she only waved a hand at me and went inside. Damn!This morning, while I was waiting for my big sister to be done with the bathroom, I remembered she was fond of keeping money in her purse and I was so tempted to find her purse and open it.I will have to thank someone later for ensuring I did not yield to my temptations because my big sister was about leaving the bathroom when I was conside
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September 23
 I hate school! I hate school as much as I hate playing basketball in the rain! I knew what to expect from my first day at school. The bullies, the almost filled school bus with teens around my age talking about their wonderful holidays and the teacher who cared about me. But things were about to change sooner than I thought. It was as if a divine order had been placed in my life and no matter what I tried to do, I can't erase it. Escaping my fate was worse than running away from a drone that has been designed to kill me.I sat down in the only empty seat in my class, which was right in front of my neighbour's son, Clag. After asking a few persons some questions, I discovered that Clag had been promoted to our class. I didn't understand that at first until Clag told me how he had a 95% average last term and the school authority felt it was best he skipped the class he was about to enter and join our final year cl
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October 1
 Everything started to fall apart on the first day of October when Mum came home from visiting some of her friends and tore the wedding portrait of her and Dad. If you were to ask me what I was doing then, well i was sitting on the couch, telling my junior brother, Danny to stop moving his legs in an odd manner. I heard Mum's tears coming from the bedroom her and Dad shared and it was really loud.Dad always said that a man's worth depended on how he took care of matters concerning his family. I didn't know what he meant by that or why he said that but on this day, I knew he had lost total control of his family.It is more than seven days— a week, since I resumed school and began the tedious lifestyle of a desperate teenager trying to cope with the rigorous demands of school life. I am very much aware that I have not written anything lately but I am still lost in thoughts on how I should begin this story or proba
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October 8
 My parents got separated and I was forced to move into my Uncle's house. Uncle Max lives in a different state in Nigeria, close to the state that I used to live in. My journey to Uncle Max’ house was smooth and within a couple of days, I was settled.It was late in the night and the sun had faded away to give the moon an opportunity to shine in the sky when Uncle Max came to my room and woke me up. He was a fair man who was in his early forties. He was single and was yet to start making up any plans for marriage."You need to get ready for school, tomorrow," Uncle Max said, stretching his arms. "I have already found a new school that can fit a person of your standard." He looked round the room at the carelessly flung bags, books and shorts over the chair."What of my elder sister and junior brother? Are they not coming to Enugu?" I asked, grinning. "No! They are not coming to Enugu," Uncle Ma
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