The Villainess Justice System

The Villainess Justice System

By:  The Alpha Writer  Ongoing
Language: English
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Don't you get a bit annoyed some times when cliched novels, seemingly create characters just to misuse and dump them in the middle of a story? They say novels are an inaccurate of past pieces of history from different alternate universes, well this agent is here to make things right. {Esteemed host the female leads loathing is at maximum. Tread with caution, this eternal being wants those points} 'She really took her damm time~he he just what I've been waiting for, let me give the male lead a peck first" She snickered with a making a joke of her counterparts concerns. {Host!!!} 'Mmmwah' Thud! {She fainted} "En. Such fragile heart." *Shivers {Host is so cruel} 'Now it's his turn~honey' Have you read all the books of your favaorite genres off the internet and need the thrill of face slapping to end the day properly? Then this is for you. Follow, our goddess, Zhi Ruo through worlds with her trusty,crafty system, Timon, to give cheating bastards and white lotuses a taste of their own medicine, only a thousand times more bitter. -----------

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Itisam Abdirahman Garaase
Pls update already
2021-09-03 02:49:05
17 Chapters
Welcome Agent A
Beep Beep Beep... A sound rang continuously, resonating around the space like a heart rate monitor, increasing it's tempo with each second, before dying out seemingly non-existent in the last minute. Just as anonymously as it left, a figure materialized standing. It's body not moving an inch, not in the slightest. It resembled a piece of hard wood rooted into the ground and left to wither away in the hands of nature. In the vast white space it stood like a spot of dirt in an immaculately clean surface, soiling its pristine appearance. It began giving off energy in wisps of dark smoke, moving in a rather slow swirling motion, which were all soon absorbed by the white space producing what could be considered a floating translucent ball of light. DING!!! A sharp, loud sound once again reverberated across the whole area, sending ripples across the whole space. {S
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Welcome Agent B
***"Nothing much. I think my name is Zhi Ruo, somehow that name is stuck in my head. And from my state and the weapon I possess, I might have been a swordswoman." {That's about right. I would put you through a two month lesson period to learn the culture and basics of most worlds. The curriculum includes intensive studying of selected fields, virtual and practical, from creche to postgraduate level, people's mannerisms and polishing your martial arts.} She had a raw personality, full of violence. It was afraid that if it's host was this rash she would definitely not spare a thought in killing every unlucky person that tried to cross her. "Okay. Can we start now? I want to be done with this fast!" Zhi Ruo demanded getting even closer to the sphere. What maniac would be so eager to learn so many professions and complex species behavior under two months!? Won't she complain about how short the t
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Arc 1: His Tough Love
"Dad! Mom!!. Don't you see this daughter of yours kneeling!" Tae Rin yelled in despair trying to get her parents' attention. Pedestrians had started to gather now, evaluating the spectacle. 'Ahh, it's really the Yang family, master and mistress, they are just as angelic looking as the web describes, the media really didn't exaggetate this time. Now that I've seen them in real life I can finally die with no regrets.' 'I know right, such beautiful silver hair. Kyaaa!, quickly, take a photo!' 'Isn't that Tae Rin the girl whose disheveled photos are all over the Media?' 'Wow, it's really that slut. What commotion is she trying to bring up now.' 'Her again? Quickly bring out your phone, everyone needs to see this, live!' 'This ought to be good' 'OMG claiming to be the young miss of the Yang family, such wishful thinking!'
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His Tough Love: Expulsion
The doors flung open as Tae Rin Stepped into the school's hallway. She felt a hundred pairs of eyes on her, mostly malicious, some confused and a few sympathetic. If looks could kill she'd probably be dead over a hundred times by now. "I can't believe she came back here after all she had done, so shameless!" "You saw the video too?. Hmph, an insignificant fly claiming to be the heiress of the Yang family!" "It's just the effects of a fool's bravery." "Yeah, hell's the only place suitable for her." "Gosh, what's that smell. I feel like I'm gonna puke my guts out." "Ugh, I think it's coming from Tae Rin." "Has she gotten so crazy, that she can't do something as simple as taking a bath?" Hushed voices spoke in the background, not daring to say it in the face of Tae Rin, who looked like she was ready to commit murder.
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I'm Tae Rin Now
{Transfer complete} A mechanical voice said, distorting the silent room. Zhi Ruo found herself in a small, poorly lit room. Looking around she could deduce this was a female's room with lists of celebrity posters and glitter everywhere, the girl power was a bit suffocating. She was lying on a decent wooden bed, with neat blue beddings, holding a phone over her face. The picture of an uninterested guy in his late teens, and a girl in all smiles stared back at her in a selfie angle. "System what's going on?" Zhi Ruo asked, calmly. It took her to its system's space. She sat casually on her blood red seat waiting for a reply. {You have been transported to a sma
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Find Me A Job!
"Poor daddy was the first to suffer the aftermath of his daughter's stupidity. Thank God she priotised him as she should or I might have quit this mission, she can't be dumb at the point of death, then what was the whole charede for?" Zhi Ruo spat tapping impatiently on the arm rest. {You can't do that, host} "Do what?" {You can't leave the mission unfinished after accepting it.} "Sigh. Fair enough." Zhi Ruo was taken back to the small world. She sat up from the bed and moved off the screen with the picture bumping into a series of unread texts. "Good day, Min Seok (pleading eyes, heart emoji)"
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I'd Sue You Host!
{Host I didn't know you had such fetish.} The system said in a hushed tone. Zhi Ruo couldn't tell if it was being judgemental or was just appalled by the thought. "Get your head out of the clouds, I don't have mania for men simping over me. I don't think those who work there have that too, it's just a marketing strategy." {I'm sorry host, this system apologies} It said, but didn't sound like it believed one word she had said. Zhi Ruo simply ignored him, she wasn't going to waste time explaining what it would soon experience practically. "I'm going for the Maid Cafe. Let me prepare an application letter."  
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New Big Sisters
It was a typical maid dress, aside from the fact that it had a huge pink bow on the chest area and another equally big bow on the head wear. The dress was a good fit though it was a bit bigger than her actual size, if she gained a few more pounds it would be more than perfect. It seemed Bora, did put a lot of work and thinking into this outfit, to be able to arrange such a good piece in little time, she was talented. {Host looks nice in this costume.} 'Are you done crying?' {...} Moved the cloth-curtain to the side stepping into Nora's view. "It fits well big Sister B. I like it so much!" She praised her efforts. "Of course you do after all this big sister but her heart to it" Bora replied not shying away a compliment for her hard work. "Come,come, let me show you your other big sisters." She beac
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Arrogant? Pretentious? When?
"Good morning, masters!" Zhi Ruo greeted with the sweetest, cutest, ice melting, honey coated, fluffiest, sugar sprinkled, hello kitty, carb addicting voice that sends heart emojis flying in the air. "Welcome to Chowkitty Cafe! This lowly maid would be serving your highnesses." She bowed slightly and smiled like the morning sun. {Too...Cute… poor digital heart}The system babbled. While the other two looked like they had been struck with Cupid's arrow, only Ye Jun remained unfazed, he simply stared at her as if all the answers to his problems were written on her face. 'As expected of the second male lead, even with my perfect performance he didn't even send a smile my way.' She places the beautifully folded the coloured serviettes, the cutlery and ketchup on the table. "Would you like to take a look at our menu my princes, the rice omelette
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I didn't forget my Hubby!
"You can scold me for being incompetent but do not ever question my character!" Zhi Ruo thundered,"I have tolerated your ignorant, superfluous remarks for far too long, don't think I would stomach it from you any longer!!" Sang Mi had never seen Tae Rin so fierce, so she decided to stand aside and watch how she dealt with the matter. {Ahhh, be careful host, the second male leads percentage likeability is only at 5% from 10. Please be careful he could strangle you right now and turn out unscathed. The mission would be considered a failure if that happens!} The system warned, in a panicked tone. '5%? That's lower than I expected. Aiyyaa I wouldn't have as much fun as I wanted, let's wrap this up quickly.' "Heh, 'Being in this kind of environment' , 'men paying to stare at me with intrigue all day'? Well guess who is doing all of that, Sherlock!" [||2%.......] ⬇⬇⬇ 
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