Logan (Book 1)

Logan (Book 1)

By:  M.S. Devera  Completed
Language: English
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Aphrodite Reid, having a name after a Greek Goddess of beauty and love, doesn't exactly make her one of the "it" crowd at school. She's the total opposite of her name, ugly and lonely. After her parents died in a car accident as a child, she tended to hide inside her little box and let people she cared about out of her life. She rather not deal with others who would soon hurt her than she already is. She outcast herself from her siblings and others. When Logan Wolfe, the boy next door, started to break down her wall Aphrodite by talking to her, the last thing she needed was an Adonis-looking god living next to her craving attention. Logan and his brothers moved to Long Beach, California, to transfer their family business and attend a new school, and he got all the attention he needed except for one. Now, Logan badly wants only the beautiful raven-haired goddess with luscious curves. No one can stand between Logan and the girl who gives him off just with her sharp tongue. He would have to break down the four walls that barricade Aphrodite. Whatever it takes for him to tear it down, he will do it, even by force.

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Loved this story!! Hope you will complete the rest of the series!
2022-12-16 20:50:21
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Enjoying this story! How often do you update, since I see you have quite a few books ongoing
2022-08-29 04:04:44
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I don’t think English is the author’s native language because some of the sentences were hard to understand. However, the storyline was captivating and I am glad that I read the entire book. Different twists and turns in the plot. Getting ready to start Book 2.
2024-02-23 23:27:13
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The car had flipped so many times that I had become disorientated before I could even sustain the concussion that had me drift in and out of consciousness; my little body could not handle the impact. I jumped in my booster seat. My bones and muscles and joints, and insides felt like they were being crumbled and smashed into a tiny box. My torso and head pressed hard against the windshield while my arms and legs flailed. I don't even know if it's still bright outside. I was fleetingly aware that the bloody taste in my mouth made me cringe at the flavor. At times my eyelids fluttered, and I thought about what had just happened.Why the pain? Oh, why so much pain?I cried out to my mom, "Mommy?" No answer. "Daddy?" no reply from him too. I sobbed, crying out for them and crying hard to wake them up as I use every weekend morning. I would jump on dad and fist his bareback as a drum, and mom would join by tickling his sides until he woke. Athena and Ares would jump in and tackle him to wak
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The school is just down the street, making it easier for me to walk without wasting gas and money. The roads are always busy on Mondays, and once the walk sign appears, I rush towards the school and to the first period, English Literature. I passed each student down the hall like a maze, avoiding anybody in my way, and no one noticed me. I was no one, a lonely, outcasted girl who just wanted to get through my senior year in high school. Entering the classroom, the first one to arrive, I see Miss. Walker sits at her desk, reading the journals the class had turned in last week. Miss Walker is a young woman in her mid-twenties with short strawberry blonde hair and honey brown eyes. The boys in her class love her because they check her out. Perverts. I know her as Jordan because she's close friends with Athena and Ares, and she is the same age, but at school, I have to call her Miss Walker. There are no romantic feelings between her and my brother, but I get the sense she likes him secr
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"Enjoy your lunch."I looked up at one of the cafeteria staff as I checked out my tray filled with nothing but a ham and cheese sandwich, water bottle, and apple. Sarah smiled at me, and I ignored her.I wasn't in the mood to be happy for lunch. Because for me, I'm just going to stuff them in my backpack, place the tray on top of the trash, and head out to the top of the roof.Not much showing myself eating in a place with most of the whole school where different groups of people stay within that border. You have jocks, cheerleaders, the popular crowd, the geeks, the skaters, the emos, the valedictorian, and there sits the drama club. Now that's the group I wanted to avoid the most.I didn't want to be tempted by them: I just practiced lines, danced, and sang. Out of all the schools in Long Beach, we have the best singers and visuals, making us the number one best musical performance.Lion King, Beauty, and the Beast, Peter Pan, anything with songs that create the storyline much more
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What the hell?It gave off an eerie feeling.Why did she look at me as if I stole something from her?I was getting a sudden stare from his twin brother. My body was feeling hot that I couldn't move an inch."Was she worth it, bro?" asked a grinning Liam."I did what she asked," Logan sighed and rubbed his neck, unhappy."If you don't want her, I can get it with her," Liam smirked. "I heard she's the Queen Bee of the school. If you were to hit that off, that would increase the popularity rate here.""Why do I need to be concerned about being popular?" Logan says annoyingly."It's not much of a difference back at home. We will rule the school with our fucking good looks. I mean, all the babes here are gorgeous."That is my cue to leave.I didn't want to hear these guys talk about getting it with the girls in this school, and I didn't want to be part of it.I felt my stomach churn from all the lunch that I had eaten. I immediately packed up my stuff, rose off the concrete floor, and beg
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I opened the door to theatre class, panting and all eyes were on me in a surprise shock just as the bell rang."Well, Miss Reid, you were right on time," says Mrs. Bloomfield. "But, I prefer to have all my students before the warning bell. Giving you the heads up in case you forget.""I'm sorry, Mrs. Bloomfield," lowering my head, avoiding the eyes from the students including myself in a shock when I spot the Wolfe twins sitting next to my chair—not going to ask for a seat change, I grabbed my seat."Miss Reid, why are you wearing your P.E clothes? This is theatre. We don't play sports here, only art," she asked me with her eyebrow raise after I took my seat. Then the whole class chuckles, making me lower myself."They got...accidentally soaked," I replied softly but able to say a lot for everyone to hear."Oh, okay, well, next time, bring extra clothes." Mrs. Bloomfield opened her mouth to ask another question but didn't bother to say anything, then clap her hands together to get the
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Once at the nurse's office, Logan had told Mrs. Smith, the primary nurse of the school, a woman in her late forties had examined my health and said to us that it was just a tempory cough from not breathing correctly and told me I could go back to class, but I asked her if I can stay here for a while which she didn't decline. Mrs. Smith then told us she would be out doing errands for a minute. Then she grabbed her car keys and left the office. And it just became the two of us alone.I sat on the bed provided for students to lie down. I held my stomach and looking down watching the ceramic floor.It was entirely for a second between Logan and me, but then he started to break that silence by asking me the same questions just minutes ago. I ignored him."So, you are not going to tell me why you are covered in scars?Silence is what I can give him. I hugged my arms as well hiding the visible scars that can be seen from afar. How can I be so stupid not to wear something before I put on my P
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"Effie?" Athena banged my door, and her voice muffled behind it. "Time to get up. You are going to be late."I pulled the covers over my head, hiding under them, then called back. "I don't want to."I could sense my sister's shock by my free voice, then banged the door again. "Effie, what is wrong?" I didn't answer, but my silence won't let my sister leave. "Aphrodite Catherine Reid, you open this damn door!"I let her hit my door several times, ignoring her calling my full name. Then I heard another door close outside my room. "What is wrong? Why are you so loud?""Something is wrong with Effie," my sister replied to Ares."She is probably not feeling well. Let the girl take a break from school, you ghoul.""That is not it. I heard her voice.""You what?!" the loud bangs on my door grew louder and faster, and I knew it was coming from Ares. "Effie, open the door!" His voice panicked.I inwardly rolled my eyes and grunted.My older siblings know I don't respond to them in the morning
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"You okay?" I opened my eyes and looked up at the voice to see a man with dark hair, a little long but not as long as Logan's as dark blue eyes staring down at me. He had a tank shirt in white, revealing his muscle pack arms with multiple tattoos, which he's using to carry my wedding style. Panic and humiliated, I duck my head lower from him. Then his chest rumbled in laughter. "You are a tiny thing, aren't you, princess." "Seth, what the hell are you doing?" Another deep male voice from the house made me cringe at this guy's name. Seth then paused. "Who's this?" "Oh, I caught a cat trying to climb the tree, which happens to be a fairy," joked Seth as he turned around to face the other guy. "Can we keep her?" "No, can you put her down because I could tell you are scaring her," said the other guy when I got the look to see he also has the same features as Seth. "I'm not scaring her; you were the one coming at me like a giant bear ready to eat her," Seth laughed, making the other guy
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I'm sitting on the bed inside the room of Logan Wolfe.I'm shaking out of my wits here. Just a few minutes ago, I was bawling in front of four brothers who had heard and seen everything that had been going on with my miserable life, and that is something I shouldn't be revealed in front of others.My brain is always searching around the room, making myself aware of the inside chamber of a boy. I've been inside Ares room once when I was looking for my iPhone because apparently, he broke his during a fight with some guy at the bar and destroyed his phone in the process, so Athena and I had to take turns letting him use our phones until he received the replacement.Ares's room was different than Logan's - entirely different. But, the one thing that separates my brother and Logan's room is that clothes surround his place. It's a total mess because he goes to work early, then comes home late or the next day, so he doesn't have time to organize. Athena would have to pick up his dirty clothe
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"Shit!" He hissed as he got off the bed and rubbed his forehead. "What the hell?""I'm sorry, I shouldn't be doing this. Don't you have a girlfriend or someone you have benefits with because I'm not that type of girl to be played with," I freaked out and limped my way off his bed, heading towards the door when he caught me by the wrist, stopping me from leaving?"Wait, Aphrodite, just listen-" he was cut off when I heard voices downstairs. A man and woman, and I recognize the female voice anywhere.I let my wrist go from Logan's grip, headed out his door, and made my way down the stairs when I slowly heard my sister's voice coming from the family room. I ran over there and saw Thea sitting on a guy's lap who looked similar to Logan's and his brother's, but his head was shaved off but had a rough mustache and beard with the same pair of blue eyes. I'm guessing this is the guy Don mentioned calling. Rex has the same matching tribal tattoo on his right arm. Looking at how macho and older
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