35. Kerosene

"Stop sir!" Tukijo exclaimed suddenly.


The driver stepped on the brakes to stop the car at the Mojing intersection.

"Oh my gosh! Come on Jo, come down quickly!" said Ningsih seeing the fire devouring Mas Agus Restaurant.

There, Marno was seen carrying Agus out of the smoke of the rising fire. The man on Marno's back was unconscious with a slight burn on his arm.

Ningsih motioned for Marno to get into the CarGer car carrying Agus. "Sir, please take them to the nearest hospital. IMMEDIATELY!" The woman handed over three hundred thousand bills.

Tukijo realized that Markonah and her father were at the scene helping to put out the fire. "Oh yes! Big Sis! What will happen if Markonah meets—." Tukijo turned his head and didn't find Ningsih beside him. His Sister disappeared as if she had been swallowed by the earth.

"Oh! Where are you going, Big Sister?" he muttered while looking for the woman. "Even though you were here, did you go with Big Bro Marno? But it doesn't seem like it,
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