34. The restaurant is on fire

"Come on in and treat your wounds!" Ningsih grabbed Tukijo's hand and dragged him inside.

How happy Sugeng's heart was when he met the idol. His eyes remained fixed on the woman without blinking at all.

Without Sugeng realizing it, he stepped out following Ningsih and Tukijo.

"I'm sorry, Big Sister," said Tukijo, stopping.

"Oh, I saw Tukijo with Markonah earlier. Maybe he found it difficult to contact you, because that girl was there, Lady," interrupted Sugeng.

"Oh, so that's because she's there?" Ningsih asked.

Tukijo nodded shyly.

"Aaaaaaaargh!" Suddenly a scream was heard.

"That's Cecep's father!" said Sugeng, immediately looking for the source of the voice.

Tukijo followed Sugeng. This time he was the one who pulled and took his sister by the hand.

"Hey, you have to treat your wounds first." Ningsih restrains Tukijo.

"I'm fine, Big Sis, I just get trampled on by skinny people. Haha," answered Tukijo lightly with a little laugh.

"Really?" Ningsih's eyes were worried.

"Yes," he said
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