Possessing My Mate: The Silver Run Series

Possessing My Mate: The Silver Run Series

By:  Emma Taylor  Completed
Language: English
33 ratings
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Nora Jones had the perfect life with a loyal best friend and a wonderful boyfriend. Or so she thought. After a cruel joke at the hands of the Goddess, Nora's picture-perfect life comes crashing down around her sending her into a spiral. Fearing for her future, her brother and Alpha, Marcus, sends her to a neighboring pack, hoping the change in scenery will do her good. Or does he have an ulterior agenda of his own? While inside Silver Run Nora meets two mysterious men, each with their own secrets. When those pasts catch up with them Nora is dragged into a dangerous game, one she will have to win. Book 2 of The Silver Run Series. Ongoing. Can be read as a standalone. The Silver Run Series- Book 1- Possessing My Alpha -Completed Book 2- Possessing My Mate- Completed Book 3- Possessing The Gamma- August 2023

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Book 3 Possessing The Gamma is now up on GoodNovel if other readers are looking for it!
2023-09-02 16:33:36
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Joanne Julian
I love this book so I'm giving 5 stars but you posted that Charity's story would be in August. Is that still happening?
2023-08-29 18:02:16
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Pili Salvador García
hola no me sale en español
2023-07-25 22:29:09
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Great story with a great ending. Can’t wait for the next story. Definitely a must read.
2023-07-14 15:51:54
default avatar
Mandy Brannon
Another great story in this series!!
2023-07-14 03:30:09
default avatar
Stacie Fleming
Another great book in the series!
2023-07-11 23:16:11
default avatar
Great book
2023-07-02 09:12:56
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Zaftig Venus
About how many more chapters are left in this book before it is complete? Is it almost done?
2023-06-29 15:31:14
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Nashonda Sherron
Awesome story
2023-06-21 04:27:56
user avatar
Rosmary Rojas
alguien sabe si se puede poner en español?
2023-06-16 08:24:06
default avatar
Amazing book. The twist and turns... ... but I feel bad for nora.
2023-06-10 23:24:04
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Chauntelle Lopez
love Emma writing! I've been looking for book 2
2023-05-30 01:34:42
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Emma has great plots, well developed characters, and unexpected twists. I cant wait to see what she comes up with next.
2023-05-29 05:16:40
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Allie Carstens
I love Emma’s writing and her strong female leads.
2023-05-29 00:27:23
default avatar
So good so far
2023-05-24 01:31:32
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103 Chapters
Chapter One
Nora Pov I tip the Tequila bottle back, chugging the liquid despite the burn in my throat. taring at Hazel’s new Porsche SUV to celebrate her and Dillon’s new pup. Stupid bitch. She gets celebrated for getting mated, marked, and knocked up by my boyfriend of three years. As I walk around the car, sipping on my bottle, I hear the cheers and chatter of the celebration in the packhouse. Stopping at the driver's side, I can’t help but notice it’s unlocked, the keys sitting in the cupholder. Without giving it much thought, I chug the rest of the bottle and toss it to the side with a satisfying crash. Pulling open the door, I slide into the brand new leather seat, enjoying the comforting . I settle in, buckle, and push the start button, enjoying the purr of the engine as it roars to life. Blasting the radio, I open the sunroof and windows, enjoying the cool evening air. Like an indie driver, I push the car into gear, flooring it out of the driveway with a screech. The car soars with a
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Chapter Two
THREE MONTHS LATER NORA POV It doesn’t take long for Marcus to reach where I stand, watching the car burn in the flames. His hand wraps around my elbow in a deadly grip as he spins to face him. Rage consumes his face, but also something akin to worry as he looks over my body for injuries. “Are you drunk right now?”“As a skunk,” I slur, no shame on my face. Why should I care what he thinks? He obviously didn’t care enough about me to tell me about Hazel and Dillon.“Are you fucking insane?” Marcus fumes, his eyes shifting between black and the deep brown they usually are. “Our parents died in a car crash! What the fuck is your problem?” His hold on my arm tightens as he studies me. Before I can answer, the shrill scream of my nemesis rings across the field.“MY CAAAAR!” Hazel cries, running toward the flaming pile, Dillon trailing behind her with his head down, not looking at anyone. Turning her attention to me, I see her claw elongate, ready to pounce.“You bitch!” she screams, jum
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Chapter Three
NORA As the song ends, Theo pulls away, a sad smile on his face. “Unfortunately, Nora darling, I have ignored my duties as Beta for too long. This must be our last dance.”With a flourish, he grabs my hand, bringing it to his lips, as his eyes flick to the bar in a silent challenge, before returning to mine, a dashing smile covering his face.Standing upright once again, “I hope to see you again, Nora Jones. Enjoy your night.” Sauntering away from me with a devil may care attitude, leaving me completely stunned. Regaining my composure, I head toward the table where our drinks sit, the opposite direction Theo walked.Along the way, I pass the face of a demon I wasn’t expecting to see: Nia, Hazel’s cousin and the inspiration behind one of Macbeth’s witches.“Crash any cars lately?” She sneers, the pettiness oozing like a deadly venom, “or are you too busy trying to steal other people’s mates?”“Why? Are yours available?” I remark with a serious look, enjoying her scoff of derision. “I
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Chapter Four
NORA POV Freezing ice water washes over my skin, dragging me from the unconscious void with a ferocity. Bolting upright, my head fuzzy, the light in the room making it painful to open my eyes.Finally opening my eyes, I find Marcus standing above me, with Hakeem beside him. A bucket in his hand. “What the fuck, Hakeem?” I growl before reality sets in, and I realize I am back in Northern Lakes territory. “Wait…when did we get home?”Panic takes root as I look between the two men before me, trying to recall memories of the night before. “Thank you, Beta Hakeem,” Marcus growls, his voice deadly as he glares at me. “You can go now.”I will take the bucket of ice water over the chill in his voice any day as I scoot my frozen body away from him. My back smacking the headboard, trying desperately to get away. Sensations from the night before invade my waking thoughts, while I desperately grab for them, hoping to understand the situation.“What the fuck were you thinking?” Marcus seethes, my
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Chapter Five
NORA POV Placing my palms against his chest, I resist, my heart racing wildly while I try to get him off of me, but constantly aware of where the ledge is. I can feel the bruises already forming on my skin as his grip tightens, his claws piercing into my soft flesh.My throat closed, unable to work as I keep pushing against the bulky male I used to date, against a man I used to love. “I know you still love me. I’ll prove it to you,” he whispers. Without warning, his lips crash against mine forcefully.His tongue invading my mouth as he takes control, his free hand winding into my hair as he holds my head into place. Tears prickle my eyes as I gently guide us away from the ledge, where rocks sit below. Viola going wild, begging for control, but our location has our hands tied. She remainsWe are in human territory in the early morning. Wolfing out here would be dumb, and a sure way to get the council involved. My mind racing from the violation while I attempt to remain calm, moving us
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Chapter Six
NORA POV “I swear to the Goddess-” Marcus begins, but I stop him mid-sentence, not in the mood to deal with another scolding.“Chill, brother,” I say. “I am on my way to Silver Run already, but I forgot to get the address. So can you tell me where I am going, please?” As much as I want to avoid this mystery pack, Viola is desperate to return, despite what happened there, and I need to know why.Why do I want to return? What’s so special about this pack that I feel drawn to people I barely know? There are unending questions I desperately need answers for, and the only way to get them is to go back.“You left already?” He asks, slightly shocked with a twinge of sadness. “Didn’t you want to say goodbye?”“I figured it’d be better this way,” I lie, my heart leaving another crack as I attempt to contain the tears on the verge of breaking loose. “Send me the address, and I will let you know when I arrive. We can talk again when I am settled in. Okay?”I want this conversation to end, alrea
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Chapter Seven
THEO POVI have done my best to remain calm, but a flaming hot coil of indignation sits in my stomach at the sight of Nora’s face. Walking back to the room, my cellphone blares with a ringtone reserved for one person. He is also the last person I want to talk to right now. Unfortunately, avoiding him seems impossible with our packs so intertwined now.Excusing myself from the others, I press the phone to my ear, his name escaping my lips with a growl. “What, Drew?” Turning away from the door, preventing Nora from hearing our impending argument. “This better be pack related. I am busy.”“The Alphas wanted me to check on you,” he comments easily, and every cell in my body aches while Cerberus whines in my head. “Has Nora arrived yet?” He asks casually, but I see through his antics.“Yes,” I snap, our unresolved issues getting the better of me as the next phrase tumbles out of my mouth. “Tell Elle I will call her with an update later. Now, if that’s all you needed, Andrew, I have respons
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Chapter Eight
NORA POV The entire car ride, we sit in this comfortable silence. I might talk more if I wasn’t preoccupied with other things. My gaze remains out the window. Observing the different men wandering around wearing the combat uniforms. The same uniform the man was wearing in my room…he has to be a warrior, right? Glancing at Theo, I notice his knuckles are as whiter than Casper as he grips the wheel. Despite barely knowing the man next to me, I cannot deny the comfortableness I feel around him. Viola feels it too, but she still has said nothing since this morning during the altercation with Dillon. ‘You cannot block me out forever,’ I say into the void, but I can sense her perking up to listen to what is being said. ‘Maybe back home, when things were certain, but not here. There are too many unknown variables here for us to be at odds.’ ‘Stay sober enough,’ Viola comments dryly and completely unbothered, ‘and then we will have something to talk about.’ Her statements ending abruptly
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Chapter Nine
NORA POV Even with the blinds closed, I cannot stop the prickle and paranoia being watched. Needing extra reassurance, I check all the spots typically used for listening devices, turning the entire room upside down. While a gut instinct wants me to trust this house, this pack, and these people, the logical side of my brain wants me to survive. The only way to do that is to be smart in my decisions. I may not be the most well-trained Northern Lakes pack member, my combat skills may have been sorely lacking, but I have watched enough tv know where these things are usually hidden. Once every light, picture frame, clock, vent, and outlet has been checked, finding nothing. The tension in my stomach finally dissipating my muscles relaxing. At least I know I am safe within this space…maybe it’s just out there that I have to worry about. Now that everything is returned to its original place, along with my things, I grab a fresh pair of clothes from the drawer. Taking the towel off the hoo
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Chapter Ten
NORA POV “No,” I say, studying over the brunette male in front of me, “Thank you.” Based on his size and aura, he has to be the Beta of New Moon…it makes sense why he is here so freely. Packs typically allow outside members in their territory so freely. A burning familiarity rings in my brain the longer I look at him. The only question is, did I meet him at the mating ceremony or was he in my hospital room earlier today? “Of course not,” Andrew sneers. “We don’t want you crashing another car, right?” His question taking me aback, a hot poker to the gut. Stepping away from the large man, putting distance between us. A retort sitting on my tongue when the slam of the door and the stomp of boots comes storming from the back room. Simon following behind him, a victorious smile on his face. “I guess you’re staying,” Theo growls, the Andrew I was talking to two seconds ago gone, and in its place a charming Beta. “Perfect,” Andrew preens, throwing me a smug look when Theo is too busy g
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