4 months later

"Irtazaaaaa!" Zahra called out for him from inside the bathhroom.

"Yes?" he asked, standing infront the mirror getting ready for the office.

"Umm....actually..." she said, as if contemplating, blush creeping on her cheeks.

"Yes senorita?" he said, moving towards the restroom. A slight smirk playing on his lips, well aware why she was calling.


"Yes actually?" he smiled.

"Bathrobe" she replied in one go, "where's my bathrobe. I didn't take any clothes and I know you've it. Give it to me, Irtaza!" she whined, forwarding her hand out of the door.

He immediately took her cold hand in his warm ones, giving a kiss on her hand.

She turned red.


"No" he said, leaning against the wall.

"Irtaza... give me bathrobe or I'll come out and.... huh" she stopped with a gasp on realising what she just said.

"Oh if that's the case, then I don't know what a bathrobe is. Come out senorita and tell me" he laughed.

"G acha. Ap ney keh dia aur mei maan gayi. Kal
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