105. Birthday girl

Brielle Maxim


“Why don’t we throw a party?”

All eyes, except Maxim’s turned to Mikhail. Why was he talking about a party when Maxim hadn’t settled his score with his father yet? Everyone would finally be able to relax when we knew the man was behind bars, paying for his crimes.

“Why? The alcohol you are consuming right now is not enough for you?” Andrei asked sarcastically. We were at a bar, drinking together and I was the only woman among them. I wanted to stay at home and let them have a boys’ night out but Maxim refused and demanded I follow them.

It was just me, Maxim, Andrei, and Mikhail. I wanted to bring Marina with me so I wouldn’t be the only female but she happened to be busy. Sometimes, it sucked that I didn’t have any friends, but most times, I was grateful for the tight-knit circle I had. I didn’t have to worry about betrayal and someone giving out my information to the enemy.

Being with Maxim meant I inherited all his enemies and I could never be too careful. I had
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