109. Where is she?

Maxim Vasiliev


I received an enraged call from my father this morning. He was pissed as fuck, but that did not stop me from going on with my plan.

When I woke up this morning, I saw that Brielle wasn’t in bed with me, which meant she was still mad at me, but I didn’t have the time to stick around and wait to apologize to her. When I was done dealing with my father, I would explain everything to her.

“You’re not taking it easy on the poor man,” Andrei said. He had also been pained by my father’s betrayal because he was a man we all trusted.

“He deserves it,” Mikhail replied from the back seat. “He should have seen it coming. He knows the kind of son he raised.”

Not to brag but Mikhail was right. He did know the kind of son he raised. Unlike him, I didn’t hide any parts of myself. I didn’t pretend to be who I wasn’t, so he knew me. He knew what I was capable of and he knew how I’d react to a betrayal.

Betrayals were something I didn’t take lightly because a betrayal could ruin the
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